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    Emily June Berg, Lead Planner and CEO
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    Meaningfully creative and strategically efficient weddings for quirky couples.


    Both in the planning process and in the end result, we want to steep your wedding in meaning. The ceremony and celebration we create together will be not only beautiful, but full of your personalities and thoughtful references to important moments in your relationship.

    What do you collect? What holds sentimental value for you? What brings up happy memories? Incorporating these things into your wedding design doesn’t mean your wedding will end up looking like a garage sale. I have a unique knack for combining quirky motifs with traditional wedding elements in a way that perfectly balances beauty, meaningful details, and fun. Your people know your quirks, and love you for them – and they’ll be delighted to discover how we’ve sprinkled unique parts of who you are into the design of your celebration.

    I’ll also connect you with the best local, sustainable, women-, BIPOC-, and LGBTQ-owned wedding professionals, so you can be intentional with where you spend each dollar. And, you get to designate which of my chosen non-profits receive 10% of your contract total.


    The shortest point between two points is a straight line. I LOVE the challenge of finding that straight line – which saves you stress, time and money.

    This means your decision-making is made easier because of a focused vision and with me along to act as your objective-opinion-giver.

    Creating an efficient wedding weekend master plan reduces the overwhelm for you and the stress on your wedding party, family, and guests.

    Designating a custom list of tasks for your Coordinator ensures no detail will be overlooked.

    My clear and consistent communication with your chosen wedding professionals creates an environment of teamwork toward your goals.

    And with me as your advocate, you can be confident that your wedding day will run as smoothly and feel as fun, relaxed, and meaningful as you’ve dreamed it would.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Emily Berg Weddings ensures quirky couples an understanding of their unique wedding vision, and a de-stressed and meaningful wedding planning process and wedding weekend experience.


    I got married young, and before there was really a way to find a point of reference for unique wedding design – and before Pinterest. Oh my gosh, I would’ve LOVED to have someone help me pull together all the threads of my dream wedding vision without thinking I was crazy (most vendors’ eyes glazed over). We ended up pulling off a wedding I loved (mostly), but boy did I struggle to communicate that vision! Even with the millions if inspiration-reference photos now available, the problem still remains that most people lean either towards traditional or I-want-what-they-had, rather than truly unique and personal, for their wedding design – and some vendors’ eyes still glaze over when you want to work outside the box. I’m here to be the person I wish I had available to me.


    The morning of my wedding, our church-provided wedding coordinator was nowhere to be found. We had a 20-person wedding party, and honestly, I think we scared her off! But as the day got rolling, we really needed an extra set of hands – between making sure my cousins were there to pass out programs, finding my Granny to come say hi to me before the ceremony, and distributing our florist’s delivery, my sweet Mom ended up running up and down the halls of the church in her stocking feet. A huge disaster? No. A peaceful and stress-free day? Also no.

    "My (now) husband and I are outspoken, nerdy, weird, and committed to justice in our communities. While other wedding planners told us they 'might be able to incorporate some of that,' Emily (in black fixing everything in the pictures below) said that was 'awesome.' She helped us plan the wedding of our dreams, set up a giant light up chess set, bustled my dress after I stepped on it 4 times because I'm clumsy, and handled every emergency (existential and otherwise) with grace and competence. Her recommendations and opinions (which you should ask for) were spot on. I couldn't recommend her more as a human and planner." - Johanna, bride

    "Emily was SO amazing to work with and kept our day on track and running smoothly. She has such a calming presence about her that it felt like I had just another family member with me. I had a wardrobe malfunction right before I was supposed to do my first dance with my husband and she fixed the bustle on my dress SO quickly and calmly so that no one even knew anything happened . . . If you are iffy about hiring someone because you think someone in your family would do it, I HIGHLY recommend using Emily! Your family and friends should be able to enjoy your special day too and shouldn't have to stress about the little things or handling any issues that arise." - Mackenzie, bride

    "Emily, hiring you for my day-of wedding planner was the best decision I made. You took all of the stress off of me to make the day perfect. Your professionalism and talent was so appreciated." - Leanne, mother-of-the-bride

    "Emily is absolutely AMAZING! We loved getting to work with her! She helped organize our big day and helped so much day of! It was so nice to have a point of contact! I 10/10 recommend Emily! You won't regret it!" - Carson, groom

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