The offbeat bride: Katie – Biologist

Her offbeat partner: Scott – Manager at GameStop

Location & date of wedding: The Medieval Times, Kissimmee, FL — April 3, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat:
We had a Medieval/Renaissance wedding at The Medieval Times Dinner Theater. The ceremony was held in the village under a trellised porch.



The guests were encouraged to wear “garb” and all of the bridal party were in renaissance style.


My flower girls were fairies and the ring bearer was a knight.


The officiant was a king who also played the king during the dinner show. In addition, we drank from dragon glasses as part of the ceremony.


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My procession song was “Storybook Love” from the Princess Bride soundtrack and there was also some video game soundtracks played throughout the wedding. One video game soundtrack was Final Fantasy 7; we played the battle music to introduce the bridal party into the reception.



My cake toppers were Link and Zelda from the Zelda video games.

After the reception the entire wedding watched the dinner show and even ate with their fingers!



Our biggest challenge: My biggest challenge was the flower girls. I just had this certain look in my head and I wanted them to look EXACTLY like it. Trying to find a ready-made outfit was getting me nowhere so I broke it down into pieces. First I had the skirts made. Then I had wings hand made to match the skirts. The lady making the wings forgot them when I went to pick them up and it was the last day of the renaissance fair! I had to meet her somewhere half way between my house and the location of the next fair. The wings turned out gorgeous. So it was well worth it.


But then I couldn't find leotards that would fit the girls and match the skirts/wings. So I bought pink and decided to dye them green. They actually came out really great! Finally, my last pieces were shoes and headbands. I found ballerina shoes at Payless and I made the headdresses from stuff I bought at Michaels. It all came together and they were the cutest things I had ever seen!

My favorite moment: When I was standing inside, waiting for the procession to start, I heard the music began. The song that played was “Storybook Love” from The Princess Bride soundtrack, and I could hear everyone outside go “Awwwww”.



The other “Awwww” I heard was when the flower girls stepped out in their little fairy wings! I couldn't see anything but hearing that just lifted my heart and I knew that everything was going to be perfect.


My advice for offbeat brides: I found out that getting the type of clothing you want in the right colors can be difficult! I had to resort to dying some things, but I would totally recommend it. Don't be afraid to dye! Just make sure you do it early.


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Comments on Katie & Scott’s Renaissance wedding at Medieval Times

  1. this is fantastic!! what a pretty wedding, if i ever get anywhere near floriday i have GOT to go to this dinner theater. thanks so much for posting!

    • Thank you! You really should check it out the show sometime, it is so much fun! Great for kids too!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding, and marriage!
    Your attention for detail really paid off! Everything looks great, and very well put together.

  3. OMG!!!! I’m walking down the asile to Storybook Love, too! I’m using the instrumental version played at the beginning of the movie. Yay! Too cool!


  4. Love The Princess Bride! That’s such a great idea for a processional song.

  5. Kudos on your Medieval Times wedding!

    I love Medieval Times! We and the wedding party went to Medieval Times Buena Park, CA right after our wedding and it was so much fun. We also had the “King” announce that we had been married that day and they made a cute little joke of it.

    The announcer told the King we were married and the King said, “What are they doing here? Shouldn’t they be doing “other things” *wink* *wink*?” Then the Princess(?) said, “My lord, I am sure they just stopped to come here for sustenance. They need rest, you know?” It was so hilarious!

    • Wow that’s so cool! They announced our wedding during the show too but only in a list of other events for that day. My wedding guests took up one whole section, we rooted for the Black and White Knight!

  6. Everything looks so awesome! The outfits, the venue, the details, Link&Zelda cake toppers! So much win ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. AMAZING. I geeked out so bad when I saw this. The circulet looks fantastic; I’ve been looking for something similar for my outfit, but haven’t been able to find anything yet.

    Congrads ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Absolutely awesome! I love the Princess Bride.

    My FH and I are actually getting those dragon goblets. It is the first and only thing he *demanded* (my Groomzilla, heh).

    • OMG where did you find them?! My FH and I have been looking for something like those for sooo long. Tell me tell me tell me!! Please?

      • Well.. we’ve seen them at the yearly Renn Faire. My mother also found them in a fancy Pewter store and I found 2 or 3 online shops. We’re getting them in person at the pewter store because they’re cheaper, no shipping. We’d get them at Faire but I think it starts too late for us to get them in time (our’s is in October here). A search for “Dragon Heart Toasting Flutes” or “Regal Dragon Heart Toasting Flutes” will bring them up (the only difference is the wing style, one has larger wings).

      • I got those at the Medieval Times venue. They gave me a discount since I was having the wedding there. They have a variety of styles and some are really intricate! I loved them when I first saw them and it just so happened our ceremony called for us to drink from “goblets”. They will forever be cherished!

  9. See those dragon glasses in the heart? The artist taught my sister to pour molten pewter at age 8. In fact, my kitchen soap dish is something she poured when she was wee. I’ve known them… since… I can remember, more or less.

    Had to chime in on that ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. That’s so awesome! I don’t think I could have my wedding at Medieval Times (I’m vegan) but it’s a great idea. I do hope to have that song as my processional song!

    • Actually, the Medieval Times accommodated all of my vegetarian friends. I’m not sure if the dinners would be ok for vegan though. You could always call! They might be able to help you out. It’s really something you shouldn’t miss!

  11. I love it!!! Our first dance was to “Storybook Love.” Turns out it’s a pretty long song… Where did you get your husband’s coat? It’s gorgeous!

    • Thank you! Ya we actually had to shorten our first dance due to time but we played 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle. I sang a long the whole time we were dancing! lol The coat was one we snagged from a thrift store, it was just a plain black coat. We had a friend put on the cuffs and all the silver work. It really came out well!

  12. Oh wow! That is sooo romantic. It’s like stepping into a fairytale! What a beautiful wedding!

  13. the wedding looks AMAZING! i’m actually thinking of having my wedding at a medieval times but didn’t know how to work all the timing out… when did you work in the ceremony and reception around showtimes? i would love to know any details about how you got it all to work, since the medieval times close to me (baltimore) has never done a wedding there.

    • Well the wedding planner from the Medieval Times did my schedule up for me. The ceremony was around 2:30pm, the building opened to the public at 4:30 (during my reception)and the first show was at 6:00pm so I had 3 hours for the reception. Then we went to the show and everyone left from there! It really was all perfectly timed and everyone had a blast. They even let my DJ borrow a squire’s outfit to blend in! It was great.

  14. I love it!! It must have been an amazing day!! Where did you find the Link & Zelda toys at?

    • Thank you, it was totally amazing! The toys came as a set of 3 with Ganondorf. I believe my husband picked them up while we were at a convention. One like DragonCon where there are a lot of toy booths. The toys were actually supposed to be on TOP of the little clear plastic stands and they were supposed to be holding hands. The person who unpacked the cake decorations put them IN the stands so they looked like they were in shot glasses or something. LOL No one even noticed but the pics really make the stands stand out.

  15. Yay, renaissance gamer weddings! I totally approve, and you all look *wonderful*.

  16. Hello! I know this is a bit out of the blue since your wedding was almost a year ago, but I was wondering when you and your guests dug into your cake? I showed my fiancรฉ your toppers and he LOVED them! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never played Zelda myself, but I hear all of the games are challenging and fun

    • Hey! Thanks for reading! The cake was served during the show when the dessert would have normally been a small pastry. We had the cake displayed during the reception of course, so everyone got a look at it. The toppers were a hit with all of our gaming friends! and I would definitely recommend playing The Legend of Zelda if you get the chance! Thanks again and I hope your wedding is a blast!

  17. One thing to remember with dying, for anyone who plans to try it, is you can’t dye artificial fabrics. Cotton I think works best.

    • We had about 100 people show up and it was a little under 10k but that included dinner, show, drinks and reception venue. There were multiple packages to choose from and I’m sure the different castles have different packages as well! Give them a call!

  18. Hi, I was looking at yout amazing dragon glasses and I was wondering if you could tell me where did you find them? A friend is looking for those exactly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you very much, and your wedding was BEYOND AMAZING!!

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