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Amy 22 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)New Jersey's own Wedding Dress Fantasy is a colored wedding dress lover's dream come true! They carry wedding dresses in over fifty colors in sizes 0 – 40 and they're all fully customizable!

Let's say you like this pink dress but want it in black and with a matching bolero — they can do that! Or this dark red wedding dress, but with a corset top or zipper back — they can do that too! You can also have them remove or add design elements and so much more. And since we last profiled them they've added even more categories including Vintage Inspired and Hollywood Glam, a stylish Modern Vintage category and the ever elusive Modest Wedding Dress. They also make reproductions of period gowns (Renaissance, Gothic, Medieval) or custom design dresses based on your special requests.

And budget brides take heed! All of their gowns are priced between $399 – $599. With custom designed gowns that can be created for less than $900. Unbelievable right? But it's all true. So head over to Wedding Dress Fantasy and find your perfect colorful wedding dress.

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Comments on Affordable and COLORFUL custom wedding dresses from Wedding Dress Fantasy

  1. Weirdly I realised whilst browsing though that I’d actually seen this website before whilst looking for dress ideas (a lot of their pictures come up if you google ‘blue wedding dress’) but hadn’t really taken it in because by then I’d seen so many websites and dresses it all blured into one.

    They do have some fantastic designs though and before I’d even finished reading I’d posting a link on another forum because they have a topic full of people stuggling to find an affordable modest dress.

  2. Does anyone have a review of their experience with this company? I’d love to know how the product received compares to the product ordered.

    • I would also like to know! I’m currently up to my eyeballs in dress shopping for my Oct. wedding. There are 4 gowns on this site I love, but the prices are so low…it should be a blessing, but I’m skittish. Any feedback on quality?

      • Me three!! If anyone has used this company, I’d love to hear about it. There are a few dresses there that are obviously copied from designer dresses, you can tell from the pics alone that the quality is not quite the same.. but there’s one I really like. I’m so nervous about spending that much money on a dress I haven’t been able to try on though.

        • Fate~
          I hear that! I’m a bigger size so trying it on is important. There’s not a lot to choose from where I live so I’ve been trying on similar things, like one bodice style even if I don’t love the skirt and vice versa to get ideas on what works on my figure. I am also sending off for fabric & color swatches from them this week, I will keep y’all posted!

        • I e-mailed the designer, Tova, regarding sizing. They do create the dresses based on your measurements, and she said that they check the dresses for that size before mailing it. She also said that they include large seam allowances for extra tailoring later on, so if it’s a bit snug or loose, it can be altered.

      • I had a victorian maquerade ball on Halloween for my wedding and had my dress custom-made. It is purple and it is gorgeous! I couldn’t let it just die in a closet! Let me know if you are interested and I will send you photos.

    • I ordered my dress from them! (If you’re interested it’s this one in red: I ordered it a little over a month ago and am scheduled to receive it at the end of June. Since I haven’t actually gotten it yet, I can’t comment on quality. But! Their customer service is remarkable. I ordered several different color swatches to make sure I ordered the right shade. I paid through paypall and they arrived very quickly. We had exchanged several emails and Tova (not sure if she’s the owner or customer service rep or what… but she’s the woman I’ve been communicating with) suggested that I call to make the order rather than do it online. She talked me through the measurements and such and generally made me feel very comfortable with ordering a dress online, sight unseen. A few days ago I started to get a bit antsy and shot her an email. She gave me an update like, don’t worry, working on the corset back now, it’s looking beautiful! So, so far my experience has been excellent. I will let you know when I get the dress how the quality is and such.

  3. once again, im in love….and a picky OBB in jersey! PERFECCCCCTtt there is a white and black number that if i could, i would marry the acual dress.

    • Be careful before you make the trip. When I emailed her looking for a specific dress, she said all the dresses are custom made and the dresses on this site are not available to try on in the store. I was all ready to make the 2 hour drive with my MOH and mom but found out it was useless. I was also a little disappointed that my calls weren’t returned. Tova said it was because they had limited hours this week, but even limited hours should have provided time for someone to call me back.

      I’m very torn. I love the dress, and it is on sale right now, but sight-unseen and not trying on ANY dresses yet. Blah.

    • Franny~
      Thats the exact dress I’m in love with! In red, but I have inquired about a ‘V’ neck and halter. I emailed them late last night and had a reply in my inbox when I got to work, answering my many questions ans providing a close-up of the beading detail. Please, please keep me posted when you get yours!

  4. How I wish I was the girl on that pink dress above!…I feel that the setting is on a fairytale movie!>..

  5. Franny ~
    I would love to be informed as well! I looked at their website then shot over an email with some pictures of a Sottero and Midgley dress that I LOVE but is so…well, white!
    (this is it

    I thought it would look amazing with some color but of course since I tried on the actual designer dress in the store and liked the way it shaped my body, I’m a little nervous about ordering a dress that won’t be made with the same exact materials because it might not hug my body the same way.
    Wedding Dress Fantasy has a youtube channel with 5 videos of Tova showing some of the dresses that were ordered and the dresses actually look very pretty. I want to say the last video posted was of Franny’s dress in red!

    Keep us posted! Seems like many are curious about these dresses!

    • oh my gosh.. haha you beat me to it! glad to see I wasn’t the only one who found it!

  6. A bit of a late comment for this post but I just wanted to let you guys know that I stumbled across youtube reviews for this company. Tova shows off some of the dresses offered at weddingdressfantasy — they look gorgeous! I’m glad to see what they could look like, and not just in photos. It makes me super excited to finally order my dress!

  7. I ordered my dress from weddingdressfantasty and Tova is terrific. There was a dress in red on the website that I had been looking for but the prices were ridiculous. When I browsed this website, I decided to try it since the dress I wanted was in red and was very detailed. I specified to Tova what I wanted, corset back and a little extra room up top since I was a plus size bride who had just had a child. When I got the dress, I was floored, the quality was excellent and so was the customer service. I actually got my dress earlier than expected. When I put it on for my wedding, my guests were pleasantly shocked and even though my wedding was more than a month ago, people are still talking about my dress. I have recommended Tova to different brides and even mentioned her on The Knot.

  8. I ordered my dress through Weddingdressfantasy. I was so impressed with all of the different styles and colors of dresses. Tova is amazing! When i received my dress i was in aw! It was even more beautiful then i expected! The quality, The style and the prices are so impressive and noone else can even come close. Tova- thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone told me that my dress was the most original and most beautiful that they had ever seen!

  9. I’ve been waiting eagerly for my dress to arrive so I could review it here, and today was finally the day! I hope this information is helpful to anyone making a decision.

    1) Yes, this is totally legit. Tova is a real person with a real dress store in New Jersey, and while they do have some of the basic under-pieces made in China, the dresses are assembled, customized, and decorated in right there in New Jersey.

    2) Their customer service was fantastic; I always got prompt, friendly, helpful responses to every one of my questions. They were also extremely flexible about customization — not just different colors but different fabrics, shapes, sizes, etc.

    3) My dress is utterly beautiful; I tried it on and looked more amazing than I had even imagined! The embroidery and styling are perfectly gorgeous. You can see Tova showing off the dress here.

    4) Only three minor caveats. First, given the low prices it’s not surprising, but the dress materials are completely synthetic (polyester). I think it still looks incredible, but this isn’t a $10K pure silk dress. Second, if you’re getting a custom color and care about matching anything, ask for fabric swatches. I love how my dress color turned out, but it’s definitely darker in person than I expected from the website colors. (I was short on time and didn’t get swatches, knowing I would take that risk.) Third, this is a $600 wedding dress, so some of the interior seams are slightly less finished than a really high-end dress might have — but nothing that would show up in photos, don’t worry.

    5) That said, I would 100% recommend Wedding Dress Fantasy! For this price range — and even for a price range extending much higher — it’s unbeatable, especially for brides who don’t want a (boring) white dress. Between the great customer service, stunning dress, and quick time (I got my dress only two months after ordering it, without any rush fees!), I am so very glad I chose them.

    P.S. I’m a plus-size bride and felt totally comfortable with them. I especially appreciate that they both offer a number of dresses designed for plus-size figures, and allow you to order any other dress in any size if you prefer!

  10. Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know about my total experience with Tova and her work! I’ll keep it short and to the point:
    1. I would HIGHLY recommend weddingdressfantasy to anyone looking for an affordable, colorful gown. Tova does beautiful work and is so nice to work with via email or phone.
    2. I do have two things for potential customers to consider. First of all, have two different people take your measurements at two different times and make sure you get the same thing both times. I don’t think I measured myself 100% correctly and needed to have the dress taken in a bit, but not any more alterations than you would expect for a wedding dress. Secondly, keep in mind the price range you’re working with. Consequently, my dress wasn’t really lined so I needed to purchase a crinoline slip.
    Anyway, I had my wedding this passed weekend and got so many compliments on my dress!
    Anyone can send me an email to ask questions or ask for pictures. I know sometimes it’s hard to believe that reviewers are real people and not just paid advertisers. So, my email is effstu at gmail dot com (spelling it out to avoid spammers). Yeah… love her, love my dress. Don’t be shy about emailing me!

  11. I am so glad to read the reviews on here! I have been racking my brain trying to get a jump start with finding a deep red dress for my wedding next fall….our theme is opposites attract. (bride & groom in red and black, bridesmaids and groomsmen in white) I found THE PERCECT dress on the site. I will be contacting them tomorrow to get started. Thanks for giving me comfort ladies…Many blessings to u and new hubby’s 🙂

  12. I am currently working with Tova to find out more details before ordering the dress. I saw one review about the dress not fitting bc the measurements were taken wrong, but can anyone else verify that their dress fit pretty good? I am worried about ordering before trying on bc I know it is almost as expensive as the dress itself to get altered. Please let me know! Thanks!

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