Jonathan Liaw: Alberta’s unicorn-riding geek with a camera

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Our sponsor Jonathan Liaw — the Edmonton-based, unicorn-riding, self-confessed geek with a camera — is back with more awesome photographs! Remember when we talked about what zombies, rap, and Canadian Tire money had to do with his photography? Turns out: they all have Jonathan Liaw in common.

Last time we talked about all the things Jonathan is; this time, let's talk about all the things Jonathan is not


Jonathan is NOT a wedding photographer

Jonathan does not think of himself as a “wedding photographer.” He describes himself as a photographer who expresses and celebrates who you are. If that means you'd rather take portrait shots that look like stills from a black-and-white art film, that is what you're going to get from Jonathan Liaw.


Jonathan is NOT into in for the glory

I don't shoot for magazine covers, and I don't have a preconceived notion of “your perfect day.” I offer this: photography that expresses and celebrates who you are — not who the bridal magazines say you are, not what the trending Pinterest boards say you should be, but who you really are: all 100% quirky awesomeness of you.


Jonathan is NOT staged

Most of Jonathan's work isn't comprised of pose-y, staged shots — he's all about capturing the real moments. In fact, my favorite section of his website is devoted to his favorite “in the moment” shots. Jonathan's aces for those of you who worry about looking awkward and phony in posed shots.


Jonathan is NOT just for Canadians

Jonathan claims to have a unicorn and will travel. He says that he will rock his photography services “anywhere his magnificent unicorn steed will take him, which is pretty much anywhere.”

You know what else Jonathan is not?

He's not going to shoot your wedding if you don't contact him. Unicorn-riding photographers only show up and give you amazing photos if you click over to their website, and then answer their questions about zombies.

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