• A bride in a striking black satin dress is laughing and smiling and looking back to her partner, a groom in a black tux, as they are moving across an alpine meadow in Alaska. The brides hair is purple/rainbow, and the groom's bowtie and vest match her hair! All around them, ground-level, flat bushes, tinted red in fall colors, are filled with wild blueberries at their feet. Behind them large mountains rise, and you can see the tops of their UTV machines they drove up the mountain peeking over the mounds of the foliage behind them.
  • A mature couple sits on the white leather seats of a pontoon boat on a lake in the sunset. The fading light casts a warm glow on their faces--the groom has a bald head and is wearing a black tux. The bride has long silver hair twisted into an up-do, with strands blowing in the wind; her dress is a light blue, retro lace style. They are leaning into each other as they look to the sunset, holding hands. It very much looks like a movie poster!
  • Two grooms are being playful on a sandy beach with a river behind them. The groom in a black coat has hopped up on the back of his partner, piggyback style so he can carry him. The second groom is wearing a brown leather coat as he carries his partner on his back. They are smiling and have heads turned to each other and are kissing softly
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    Kate Okenatez-Mahoney
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    You’re amazing, you know that?

    You're out here, fighting the good fight, figuring out how to get married differently.  You haven’t let other people’s ideas dictate the rest of your life, and have no intention of sliding over while tradition and expectations take the wheel now.  

    You’d like to steer this thing yourself, thanks (maybe literally):

    Also, it may feel like lots of work to pull this thing off.  Can I help?

    Whether you already know want to climb out of a helicopter in Alaska and toast your union with glacial melt…Find the best mossy forest for a fairycore-themed elopement in Washington State or Tennessee… Or… you only have a few shimmering words in mind like “moody & earthy” or “expanse” or “majestic” –

    – the exact wedding you want is absolutely possible.

    As your elopement concierge, I help you turn your spark of an idea into packed suitcases and an itinerary in hand for you two (or, you two AND your crew!)

    Then, as your photographer, I take gorgeous photos of your adventure.  You’ll already remember down to your bones what this day felt like, and epic photos will help keep those memories bright.

    By the way, I’m Kate.  😉  Nice to meet you!  I was a mainstream wedding photographer before I realized that some people get to their wedding day only to feel like the day was created for everyone else's needs but yours.  We won’t let that happen to you.  Everything you want is do-able, so I don’t want it to throw you off when –

    Ideas need logistics.  

    How do you find the right mountain lake in Colorado (that you can Jeep to vs hike)?  Where do you find a rad tree house (but that also allows pets) in the Great Smoky Mountains?  What are the best waterfalls in Georgia with accessibility for all?  What if you want to go to another country for epic & unique elopement experiences (but have no idea where to start or where to go)?

    And what if you/your partner/a loved one you two genuinely want to celebrate with doesn't prefer hiking or physical sport, needs accommodations to participate, or, travel needs to stay at a minimum?

    Not a problem.  Here’s how we’re going to do this thing: 

    I hear out every single idea you have and encourage you to lean into everything that sounds amazing for your day.

    I’m totally serious when I say your wedding should be everything you want, and nothing you don’t.  That means we say yes to every “Could we…?” and draw it out even more, encouraging you to dream in all the ways as you want.

    I also listen for things you can’t quite say yet – every wish, every hard-to-articulate element that you want to be part of the day.  I get it. 

    We also discuss any particular puzzles you need to solve–like how to include folks you want to be there, things you may be worried about, or how to explain to others and hold firm that you’ve decided that this adventure will feature only the two of you.

    Then I hop down my research rabbit hole, and come back and present concrete ways to make that happen.  I usually start with location, and build out from there, presenting you options, listening with intent, as we narrow down and refine what feels best.

    Before you know it, you’re there–making ALLLLLLLL the magic…

    Umi John Sunrise Vows 11 websize alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    SO… What are we going to come up with for you

    If you want someone who will share secrets from personal travel & comb Google Earth to find THE exact right spot in Oregon for nighttime portraits under the Milky Way, track down secret hot springs in Japan, or find sand dunes in New Mexico that make your ceremony spot feel like you're on another planet… you’ve found the right friend. 🎉

    As your elopement concierge, we become a tight-knit team from Day 1, and that lets me melt into the background as I photograph your wedding.  As an ordained non-denominational minister I can also legally sign for your wedding.  And FYI.. I have NO photographer travel fees in my packages –  I’m Amazon Prime, friend, I ship for free!

    I am fully in your corner to make this the best experience you’ve ever had.  I know you don’t just need to hear that, you need me to prove it, so I’d invite you to hop over to my website to read more about how I work and see real elopements.

    If the thought of someone else taking on the leg work and anxiety of handling multiple parts of this wedding adventure and ensuring you have stunning photos sounds like relief – let’s talk. 🤗

    Send me an email or let’s hop on the phone and you can hit me with everything on your mind and in your heart.  No pressure and you'll know within the first couple of minutes if I’m the right fit for you!😜

    Talk soon!



    I'm Atlanta, Georgia-based, but have no photog travel fees to anywhere in the Lower 48 States & Alaska, or, in my international packages.

    My heart thumps for off-the-beaten-path microweddings & elopements in places most people don't consider:

    • The gorgeous South like Asheville North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, or,
    • Hidden gems out West in California, Washington, Oregon, & New Mexico, and,
    • Way up north in Alaska.

    Dreaming of an international elopement?  ME TOO.  With travel to 18 countries in 6 of 7 continents so far, my wanderlust is ready to meet yours wherever it takes you two!

    ALWAYS tough to pick, but travel to Australia, South Africa, Japan, Croatia & Colombia are favorites! (So far!)  Let's chat!🤗

    MAKE Adventure Stories Photography Atlanta Micro Wedding photographer alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I take pride in creating a space in the often high-stress world of wedding planning where all my couples can feel at home…  A sort of “peace” that lets you feel comfortable, seen, and supported in all the ways you need.

    This feeling starts with small things like gender-neutral contracts, website & marketing language, and expands as we work together.  Things like:

    • I vet vendors for you (eg: florists, bakers, helicopter pilots) to make sure they are not just amazing at what they do, but also that they are welcoming & inclusive in how they do it.
    • I research ceremony options for your custom location list to meet personal preferences for activity level/type & vibe, and, that can accommodate any mobility and health considerations.
    • Give you ideas/info on how to activate those “would it be possible to…” ideas brewing (eg: vow books that don’t limit you to gendered & heteronormative options)

    custom non-gendered vow books in a split image. One is carved wood with a water theme with "Our Vows" etched into the lower right corner. On top of the warm brown stained wood sits a wide band silver ring with mountains etched in it, and slim, modern diamond wedding and engagement ring with the main diamonds in a starburst design. The second vow book in the image is a set of two, and they are black with gleaming gold foil skeletons in a tarot card "The Lovers" inspired pose. The wording states "Til Death do us part' . The books are set atop fall foliage with bright red leaves as the base.

    And, coming from personal experiences and in a community where mental health and inclusion matter, I adapt how we work together to best align with you!

    If you need allllll the details and a dialed-in timeline to anticipate, prep and plan to feel ready, I’ve got you.  If you know focused check-ins will help keep planning on track, hell yeah, let’s build a routine (and, I’ve already chunked out “work” in the elopement prep timelines!)   If there are points in this process that worry you, eat at you, or stress you the ‘f out, tell me.  I will do all I can to help manage anxiety & worry, even if it’s just to do some guided breathing together!

    And ultimately, while I specialize in adventurous elopements & micro weddings that take weddings out into the beauty of nature, I don’t want the notion of “adventure” to scare anyone!

    There is NO one definition of adventure because it is ANYTHING that excites you, skydiving & other sports are not required!  Each one of us belongs outdoors.  Every human should feel comfortable taking up space, doing whatever makes you happy (and however “offbeat” it may be!), in that amazing, restorative environment.

    So, in short, show up with me exactly how you are, as that is how we will build the wedding adventure that will be perfectly, uniquely right for you two.

    “After our engagement, we went on the hunt for something different. We knew we wanted to elope but we didn't want some standard, common, run-of-the-mill deal. Kate met with us virtually and we all just clicked.”

    Heather & Larry

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