Photos by Kelly Redinger
Photos by Kelly Redinger

The Offbeat Bride: Bethany, proud-ass housewife (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Shawn, city bus driver

Date and location of wedding: Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — May 31, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We wanted something that felt like a wedding, but wasn't too stiff or formal. We opted out of doing things in a church, and instead had one of my pastors come to our awesome Aviation Museum venue.

We're both huge geeks, and I'm a pin-up girl at heart, so we wanted to incorporate those things.







I accented my outfit with black, and we each got custom shoes made with pages from our favourite manga, One Piece. All our place cards and table markers were scanned from our old Marvel Card collection (each table had a villain, each person had a hero.)


Adventure Time played a huge part in the day: the boutonniere figures (handmade by me) and cake, as well as the comic books we used for props after the ceremony. We had references to some of our favourite books and shows in our vows, and I made action cards to go with our inflatable D20 for the kissing game.




Tell us about the ceremony:
Our ceremony was a pretty traditional Lutheran affair, but we did add some things to make it more distinctly us. Our music all had special meaning. The processional was a combination of “It's Time” by Imagine Dragons and “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. Everyone exited to “New Earth” by Zerbin, a local Edmonton band.


We did a salt covenant instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony. It suited us more because we're foodies. Basically, we combined two pouches of sand in to a ceramic egg, and only when we can each separate out our own grains can our wedding vows be broken.

Our reading was from The Velveteen Rabbit. We were looking for something that would tie back to our book-loving roots, and also really spoke to us when we read or heard it.



Our biggest challenge:
I have a chronic illness that can be a real pain in the ass, and I was worried that it was going to interfere with our day. I sometimes have to walk with a cane, but I made sure I had one on hand that would match my outfit, and work with my insanely tall shoes. I also made sure there wouldn't be a lot of stairs or walking the day of; our ceremony and reception were in the same building, and the night-before hotel was right down the street.

I also needed to leave all the stress behind me. That's not any easy thing to do on a regular day, but when you have a wedding coming up (and you have so many people who are unsure of how your ideas are going to come together) it adds up quickly. When we got to the venue, I realized that everything was perfect, the day was going to be perfect, and I didn't need to hold on to my stress any more. My illness left me alone, and everything went smoothly.



My favorite moment:
I completely lost it before the ceremony even started. My bridesmaids had me pretty calmed down, until my little brother walked over and let out a huge squeal of delight when he saw me. I lost it all over again, and spent most of the walk down the aisle trying not to ugly cry.

Our vows were also great. We each wrote something that was meaningful to us. They didn't match, they complemented each other, and hearing them out loud, in front of our friends and family, was amazing.


The best man's speech was the winner of the night. He apparently banged it out the night before, and it was perfect. It described everything about our relationship, and it made me cry all over again.



My funniest moment:
We went to our favourite comic book store after the ceremony to take some pictures, and we were standing next to the Walking Dead display doing a bunch of kissy poses. Basically, we were making out. The photographer told Shawn to whisper something dirty in my ear. He did, and it was hilarious, and the next few shots are of Shawn standing there and me laughing my ass off.



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Comments on Bethany & Shawn’s geeky retro aviation museum wedding

    • We had to have mustaches! He keeps threatening to shave his off, and I keep begging him not to. I don’t think we got a single picture of the mustache and red lip detailing I put on the action cards and programs (I had to add red lips. I’m almost always sporting red lipstick exclusively.)

  1. Your first look photo is killing me! Love it lots and will float it past my photographer.

    Also what is the brand of your dress, if you don’t mind me asking.

    • We didn’t do a first look, but if you’re talking about the one where we’re all making with the wizard fire, I love that one too. It felt so goofy (in the best way) doing it, but the shots came out great!

      My dress is from Blue by Enzoani and was such a blast to wear. I had the corset back added by a really awesome seamstress.

      • Oh, no wonder it looked familiar but I couldn’t place it. I looked at a couple of dresses from that same collection but you, of course, had it hemmed which is what I’m planning on doing myself. Love it!

          • Good to know. Looks like they carried over some of the lace work to more recent styles though. That’s a really lovely dress.

  2. What is going on in that first picture and how do I get some of that snazzy light-up goodness for myself?!

    • Our photographer, in keeping with the geek part of our theme, took us outside after it got dark out and told us to pretend we were shooting magic or fire or energy out of our hands (think Dragon Ball Z). It was hilarious, and a riot to do! He added the actual “magic” in photoshop later on, but the results are amazing!

      • Wow, I had no idea it had been featured there! It was a custom request, and they did such an amazing job! We still have all the awesome fondant figures that they did.

  3. I saw that cake on Cake Wrecks(don’t worry, it was a Sunday Sweets edition where everyone fawns over the awesomeness of well made cakes), it’s so cool to see who ordered it! 🙂

    • Wow, I had no idea it had been featured there! It was a custom request, and they did such an amazing job! We still have all the awesome fondant figures that they did.

      (I totally realized I just replied to the wrong comment. Note to self: don’t reply to things on the iPad ;))

  4. I’m so glad you didn’t feel sick on your special day! Congratulations! Was the ball-of-energy photo all made in photoshop or did your photographer do something special with light and then edit it? (I’ve seen the time-lapse sparkler photos done in a similar way and I think they’re awesome!)

    • Thanks! Once things got going, I don’t think my illness had time to make an appearance. I was a little nervous that something would come on once the adrenaline wore off, but it was all good 🙂

      The wizard picture was all photoshop! The original shots that I have look hilarious, because it’s just the two of us throwing our arms out and making intense faces. Kelly did an amazing job with it.

  5. I just need to say this: your shoes are giving me LIFE, honey! Those are some awesome shoes! Your wedding looks like pure joy by the way:)

    • Thank you so much! Those shoes are amazing. I’m not shy about telling people that I’m in love with them. The girl who made them did a phenomenal job, for both of us.

      And I will also say that it was pure joy. The whole time 🙂

  6. YAY! I’m so glad you’re featured! I’ve been looking forward to seeing more photos of your wedding! Everything is gorgeous and your laid-back attitude and ideas have totally inspired some of my own wedding planning. <3!!!

    • Awwww… thanks! I never know what to say when someone says I gave them inspiration, even if it was just a little bit. All the love is definitely awesome!

    • Thanks so much! It ended up being absolutely perfect for us and what we were going for. It was worth the hunt for it.

      And yeah, my husband is rather dapper. I’ll admit it.

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