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At Offbeat Wed, we know that disabilities aren’t always visible, and that while some of us might be getting married in a wheelchair or walking down the aisle with a cane, others of us are dealing with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, or other invisible challenges like panic disorders, being neurodivergent, or having social anxiety conditions. Whatever your abilities, we want to help you have a wonderful wedding!

Chiavari chair covers accessible wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The best wedding chairs for an accessible wedding

Wedding planner Cindy Savage of Aisle Less Traveled shares the best and absolute WORST chairs to have at an accessible wedding. Although wedding chair types can often be overlooked, huge part of planning an accessible wedding is to consider the seating and how it can affect your guests’ experience. Here are some great options for beautiful wedding chairs that cater to all body types!

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Expert advice on planning an accessible and disability-friendly wedding

We asked experts how to plan an accessible and disability-friendly wedding and WOW. There were so many great tips we had to break it up into four categories: wedding venue accessibility, accessible seating, sensory-friendly wedding tips, and other accessibility concerns. If you’re considering the needs of your guests with disabilities and want to make sure they’re comfortable at your celebration, you’re going to want to bookmark this post ASAP!

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These world travelers had an accessible wedding with wheelchairs designed by the groom

This accessible wedding in Scotland is not one to be missed! Zara and Alex have traveled the world together, aided greatly by the groom’s own design genius: a high-tech powerchair, built by and for wheelchair users. The couple initially had trouble finding a wheelchair-friendly, accessible wedding venue in Edinburgh, so they had their wedding in Glasglow. We love their story and their celebration, documented by Sarah of Joy Story Photography.

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These two adorable Swifties had a farm wedding in Alabama

Jason’s vows were gorgeous! He even came out officially as a Swiftie (that’s my fault). He is made of so much gentleness that sometimes, I forget the bad. Our first dance was to “Sweet Nothing” by Taylor Swift – he had cried the first time I asked him to listen to that song.

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A little commotion for weddings over 40, please!

ATTN: People over 40 get married too! We’ve been featuring the weddings of folks over 40 since the aughts, from first time weddings to second marriages to blended family weddings and even vow renewals. Since we LOVE seeing love at any age, we asked our over-40 readers to share their recent weddings with us and added it to our round-up of weddings over 40!

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A Joyously Queer Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Wedding

Fall down the rabbit hole with this Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party wedding. We love the unapologetic celebration of queer joy, community, friendship, and the outfits! Wait till you read about the interactive rose ceremony they had guests participate in…