Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s badass

Guest post by Mike Allebach
 | Photography by Allebach Photography
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Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass
All photos by Allebach Photography

Boudoir photos have been around for ages. We’re all familiar with the photo of the woman, scantily clad, face turned over her shoulder with the signature lip bite.

Before you think me, or any other couples boudoir photographer for that matter, will force you to don some lacy lingerie for your couples boudoir shoot, let’s crumple that thought up and torch it — unless you want to wear lacy lingerie, then by all means, we can turn the heat up in our studio so you don’t get cold. But I’ll be honest: couples boudoir is a little different from regular boudoir.

How is it different?

Usually with boudoir sessions, a woman seeks out a photographer to capture her most primal, romantic, and sexy side. It ends up as a beautiful wall art canvas or album for herself or a lucky partner. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I thoroughly enjoy shooting boudoir photos with just a single participant and love seeing the subject’s personality come to life through the lens.

With couples boudoir, it’s all about the connection the couple shares in the present. We take the love, feelings, and emotions of the couple and make them come to life on camera.

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass

What type of couple does couples boudoir?

You’d be amazed at who walks through the door of my studio.

There’s this stigma around couples boudoir that you have to have your freak flag on display at full mast all the time in order to enjoy a session. It’s not really accurate from the couples I’ve shared the couples boudoir experience with.

Many of my clients are dating or married. Some have kids. Many are deeply and madly in love. Others are looking to feel that spark again during this session like they did way back when they were making out in the backseat, listening to the Backstreet Boys or more likely Gwar.

All of my couples share a good laugh at some point during their session, and those moments create some of my favorite images.

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass

My stomach feels queasy at the thought: part nerves, part excitement!

Yep, that sounds about right. My clients don’t walk through the door ready to strip down and bare it all for me. I start out the session like any other shoot I would do: with a “hey, how are you guys?” a handshake, maybe a hug if we’re on that level, and a “want a beer?” Most people take me up on the beer.

It’s so important to give our clients permission to be nervous.

Nerves are 100% okay. As couples boudoir photographers, it’s so important to give our clients permission to be nervous. I can tell you right now, I’d have a few goosebumps from nerves and excitement about doing a session myself.

Any good photographer would be okay with addressing your misgivings and worries. That feeling of vulnerability is what makes couples boudoir so mysterious and beautiful to photograph. It allows the couple to share a feeling and come together over it.

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My partner and I are sold. How do we rock this?

The photographer has a lot to do with it. You probably wouldn’t want to get headshots done by someone you’d never met or talked with before.

At the very least, schedule a phone call or Skype session with the photographer you’re thinking of hiring.
You’ll get a better picture of their personality. If possible, go meet them in person. I for one am a big fan of opening up my studio and showing you the space so you know what you’re walking into the day of the session.

When it comes time for your photography experience, your original plan could change. Maybe you were all hyped up and excited, but then the nerves really kick in right before your session.

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass

Pick an outfit you’ll be comfortable in and layer.
Couples boudoir has a natural progression. No good boudoir photographer is going to say to a couple as soon as they walk in, “okay, let’s get started!” and point to a bed with satin sheets. The session should have a pace to it, and as you become more comfortable with one another, the surroundings, and the photographer, you can adjust your outfit accordingly.

Couples boudoir is about organically letting the romance between two people take place while interjecting minor cues if needed. If you feel most sexy in jeans and a t-shirt, let’s do it! Your photographs will look phenomenal regardless of what you’re wearing.

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The photographs from your couples boudoir session are artwork. Do yourself and your photographer a favor and treat them as such: hang them on your damn walls. Nothing says, “kiss me goodnight” like a steamy, sensual photo of the two of you hanging above the bed.

Every couple who I’ve photographed has said “That is way more fun than I expected. I’d love to do this again!”

Couples boudoir sessions are for any couple. Soft, skinny, curvy, tatted, pierced… it doesn't matter. If the two of you want to shake things up a bit and get in front of a camera, there's a good chance you'll love the experience and walk away with a new artistic take on your relationship as a couple.

Would YOU give couples boudoir a try?

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