How fake grass + picture frames = the most kick-ass seating chart display

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How fake grass and picture frames created the most kick-ass seating chart
Photo by ABM Photography

Molly and Melissa's vintage-inspired wedding was hella full of eye-popping details including this simple but SO chic seating chart made of vintage frames and fake grass. Who knew combining these two items could be so damned adorable? I'm now fully interested in seeing any and all fake grass wedding decor, please and thank you.

There is seriously a ton more amazing details to catch at this wedding in case you missed it. Go seeeee!

Are you back? Okay, I've compiled a few ways to use fake grass in your wedding to make it look totally lush and green…

Fake grass wedding decor
Artificial grass table runner from evescrafts

I could also see a big patch of this as a ceremony rug.

Fake grass wedding decor
Faux Moss Tie from CoyoteZ

It's technically not grass, but come ooooon. So cute!

Fake grass wedding decor
Fake Grass Ball “LOVE” from WesleyDecor
Fake grass wedding decor
Grass Earrings from Brown Penny Jewellery

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