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modern queer wedding Dutcher Photography36 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The table names and cake at this elegant queer wedding took center stage

Black and white is anything but boring at this modern queer wedding! Luckily for us, Dutcher Photography really captured Matt and Drew’s knack for making black and white pop. And while we’re sure the day took lots of planning, they make it look easy and effortless – just like their joy to be celebrating their love together with their family and friends!

Get ready to be blown away by this queer AF musical theater wedding

Our social justice and queer-themed wedding tables

Our wedding theme was to have a queer AF wedding that was hopefully as much a gift to the people we love as it was to us. Our wedding included a ceremony musical theater interlude, a Stevie Nicks-themed cocktail hour, bomb food, bomb dancing, homemade wedding cakes, and social justice and queer-themed tables. Here’s how we did our queer-themed tables…

Write Up Guest Photo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Make these themed table cards with wedding QR codes for your geeky wedding

What better way to make sure your guests are fueled by the same music, movies, and pop culture icons you love than this little DIY project involving wedding QR codes and thematic geeky table cards?

acrylic wedding signs

Clearly these acrylic wedding accessories will match all your decor

Clearly there are already too many “clear” decor puns that I could put here, so I’ll spare you. But I just wanted to be transparent about my love for these acrylic wedding accessories (think menus, signs, place cards, drink labels, cake toppers, and even clear wedding invitations!). You can really see through to how fun these would be at your wedding. It’s clear they’ll match your decor like whoa. Okay, so I lied about sparing you the “clear” puns, but seriously, these acrylic wedding decor items are SO chic.

You’ve got to take a clear look…

How fake grass and picture frames created the most kick-ass seating chart

How fake grass + picture frames = the most kick-ass seating chart display

Molly and Melissa’s vintage-inspired wedding was hella full of eye-popping details including this simple but SO chic seating chart made of vintage frames and fake grass. Who knew combining these two items could be so damned adorable?

Wine bottle table numbers

Your excuse to drink a buncha booze: wine bottle table numbers

When it comes to offbeat centerpiece ideas, there’s nothing more classic than reused bottles. It’s a win-win: drink a lot of wine (or sparkly dry beverages in those cool flip-tip bottles!), fill ’em with pretty trinkets, candles, etc., and your centerpieces are made. But we’re loving the idea of doing double duty with wine bottle table numbers. You can totally DIY these, too, if you collect your own bottles and customize some vinyl decals.