Make these themed table cards with wedding QR codes for your geeky wedding

Guest post by Carrie Anne Hudson
Table Name Guest Photo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

When it came to our wedding, the devil was definitely in the details – and if you're obsessive-compulsive like me, the details are everything. William and I got married in October 2019, so we could have the spooky, pop-culture-themed wedding we both had dreamed of. And what better way to make sure your guests are fueled by the same music, movies, and pop culture icons you love than this little DIY project involving wedding QR codes and thematic geeky table cards.

In lieu of table numbers, my husband and I named each table after either a fictional location from a favorite movie or show, a favorite band of ours, genre, or even actors. When you have 15 tables to place your beloved family and friends at, would you rather seat them at Table 10 or at the true-crime themed table Heaven's Gate?

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Now in order to take our table themes a step further, we decided to personalize each individual table with a small write-up card for each guest. Our write-ups consisted of a brief sentence welcoming the guest to the themed table they were seated at, followed by one or two sentences on how that theme relates back to the bride and groom's relationship. Then, to top it all off, we added a personalized QR Code to the bottom of each write-up, linking the guest to a favorite clip or song of ours, relating to the table theme. Here's an example of our write-up from our “Central Perk” table:

The One Where Will and Carrie Get Married. Welcome to the Friends inspired table – one of Will and Carrie's longtime favorite sitcoms. Were Rachel and Ross really on a break? Did anyone figure out what Chandler actually did for work? Discuss.

At the bottom of this write-up, our QR Code linked to a clip of the show Friends, where Ross screams “Pivot!” at Chandler and Rachel, trying to carry a couch of a flight of stairs.

Write Up Guest Photo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to make QR code table cards for your wedding

  • Come up with your table names and your write-up for each table
  • Create a template of each write-up card in a desktop program like MS Word, on a free online design app like Canva
  • Type up each of your write-ups into each template
  • Search for a “create your own free QR Code” website on google that you like and trust
  • Link the QR Codes to your favorite corresponding clips and songs (pro tip: YouTube works best here!)
  • Copy/Paste each QR Code to its matching write-up card
  • Print, cut out your cards, and you're done!

I found it helpful to test every code with my phone and my husband's phone (different mobile carriers), to make sure it's the clip that we had wanted. There's a lot of personal formatting that can go into the table write-ups. For instance, I decided to embellish ours with simple skull illustrations and ornate corners, as a nod to our overall gothic chic wedding theme, while keeping the pop culture fun in the text and links. As for the type of paper, I decided to print ours on a thicker, matte paper so the write-ups wouldn't fly off of the tables. I bought this paper ream ready-to-go from our local Michaels craft store.

We found the table write-ups and QR Codes to be excellent mini ice-breakers for table mates, and a fun way to give our guests some further insight on the relationship of the bride and groom. Not only were they good for guests, they were a great way to spend some one-on-one wedding planning with my husband that was both bonding and fun for us, and stress-free (hallelujah!).

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