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Offbeat Wed isn’t really a site about sex, but sometimes we are. That said, we also support our asexual readers!

Alternative wedding lingerie for hot, spicy, and wonderfully weird sexytimes

Offbeat wedding night lingerie for steamy, romantic, and geeky sexytimes

Real talk: the wedding night is NO guarantee of actual wedding night nookie. You’re far more likely to be super exhausted and ready to snooze. Regardless, we are not going to pass up an opportunity to enhance our booty short coffers with more cute, sexy, and downright geeky wedding night lingerie when we see it.

Let’s shop some of our favorite brands for offbeat lingerie (most with extended sizes up to 6X!)…

Untitled 3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The NSFW wedding photo that blew the internet’s mind

Did y’all catch the wedding that blew up (hee hee) the interwebs last week? Of COURSE when a news source wants to talk about a blow job wedding photo they hit up Offbeat Bride for a quote. And man, did Ariel give them a mouthful (hee hee)…

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s pretty badass

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s badass

Boudoir photos have been around for ages. We’re all familiar with the photo of the woman, scantily clad, face turned over her shoulder with the signature lip bite.

Before you think me, or any other couples boudoir photographer for that matter, will force you to don some lacy lingerie for your couples boudoir shoot, let’s crumple that thought up and torch it — unless you want to wear lacy lingerie, then by all means, we can turn the heat up in our studio so you don’t get cold. But I’ll be honest: couples boudoir is a little different from regular boudoir.

wank illustrated book alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How weddings & masturbation are more related than you think

Oh hi there. I have a couple of topics I’d like to discuss: wedding planning and masturbation. (Stay with me, here!)

Of course Offbeat Bride is all about wedding planning, but sometimes we dip our toes (or fingers?) into sex. Today is one of those days, and today we’re going to talk about how wedding planning and masturbation are more related than you might think.

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No wedding cake smashing – do sexy knife licking instead!

Knife licking is way sexier than cake smashing, as seriously evidenced by this sexy shot from Scotia and Kyle’s Celtic viking pirate punk wedding. Delicious innuendo, how we heart thee. It’s appropriate that I’m categorizing this as “Food Porn.”

we had sex on this bed pillow alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

In the case of a sexless marriage…

We’re barely in our thirties, but H and I are currently in a “sexless marriage” (defined as a couple who have sex “10 times a year or less”). I am writing this because I want other partners in similar situations to know that they aren’t alone…