The Day of the Doctor is coming in honor of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. What better way to relish one of our fave fandoms than to have a Doctor Who theme week? Allons-y!


The Offbeat Bride: Brianne, third grade Waldorf Teacher

Her offbeat partner: Michael, driver for The Cultured Kitchen

Date and location of wedding: Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, Fair Oaks, CA — August 4, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We decided that the focus of our wedding was going to be having fun and making sure that we could have absolutely EVERYONE we ever wanted there (which ended up being about 250 people). We skipped a lot of traditional things like a wedding cake. We got married in a theatre where I work as an actress, which we got for free. We were married by a family friend and rented a parks and recreation hall right behind the theatre. We asked friends and family to help with planning, decorating, and food. Our friends even did our makeshift photo booth and DJed! All of these helped our budget.


bio board

Our wardrobe (aside from my dress) were a lot of inexpensive pieces put together. My mom's outfit came from my costume closet and other outfits were rented cheaply from a local costume shop. We also had a friend bring his Delorian and his TARDIS to go with our time travel theme.

our getaway car…sort of

The Time Lord

Married by a time lord

Tell us about the ceremony:
I walked down the aisle to music from Back to the Future. Our officiant wore a jacket with “Time Lord” on the back, and we stood in front of the life-size TARDIS on the stage.

During the ceremony

singing my vows

I sang my vows with the assistance of my musical cousins, too!

good looking guests from the steampunk society

Our biggest challenge:
The main challenge came with finding personal touches to put in the wedding. We thought that a time travel theme would fit us and also be understandable for all the guests. They could dress up from any era they liked!

Groom made light up centerpieces


I also had big dreams of a beautifully decorated wedding, but lacked the skill to do it. Solution: the best friends a couple could ever ask for. They helped pull the decor together on theme, while also working around some interesting decor from “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” that was going on at the theater.

Get low!

My favorite moment:
We both went to the same college and I was part of the committee that planned the end of the year ball. We formed a tradition of playing Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the last song, and forming a big circle to sing it at the top of our lungs. Since we had over 40 theatre students and professors at the wedding, we ended the night in the same fashion. The non-theatre people also joined in and we had a HUGE circle.



I also loved dancing with Michael to goofy music from different eras, and dancing with my brother in his blue Dumb and Dumber-style polyester suit!

our ring bearer

My funniest moment:
Having our chihuahua in a dress as our ring bearer was pretty funny. I also saw from the lighting booth that the groomsmen were dancing in a line to entertain guests while they waited for the ceremony.

Best man speech

Kissing in the tardis

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  1. This is awesome! I love the bohemian rhapsody tradition. You guys look like you had a blast. Congratulations!!

  2. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This wedding looks AMAZING. Not having my pooch at our wedding was one thing I regretted but I just didn’t want to have to put someone in charge of keeping track of her! But I love your little doggie ringbearer! So cute!

  3. It’s great that so many of the guests got in costume as well! And my compliments to your chihuahua for its excellent ring bearing skills.

  4. Hi! Loved your theme. We are trying to get together a Doctor Who themed wedding. We just need to find a TARDIS. Where did you get yours? Our wedding will be in the San Fernando Valley, CA. We need all the help we can get.

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