Light a bonfire after your beach wedding

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You know what's the best way to invite your close friends and family to get warm and cozy after your beach wedding? Build a bonfire! Bonfires on the beach are incredible since you're combining all those amazing elements (ocean, fire, stars) and adding all the feel-good vibes from a wedding on top of that like Carol and Jonathan did. You'll want to check local fire policies and burn bans before setting it up, but this is a recipe for post-wedding blissy times, friends.

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Comments on Light a bonfire after your beach wedding

  1. Oh, I so love this idea. I always wanted to get married on the beach, but maybe my farm venue in Michigan has a place for bonfires.

  2. While I love this idea, I also immediately think of this equation: Drunk people + fire + nice suits = ruined and stinky suits, aka, lots of dry cleaning bills.

    /negative nancy

    • Ha, funny. The smell of campfire smoke on my clothes is one of my favorite things ever.

      • Mine too! So comforting to smell the bonfire on your sweatshirt the next few the party hasn’t really ended yet…

  3. Advice to other beach brides: check with the parks and rec department to make sure you’re allowed to! Nearly all the beaches in my county (state of Florida) don’t allow bonfires – just having candles in a lantern requires a fire permit.

    I almost went Bridethulhu when I found out we couldn’t have a bonfire. :/

  4. We’re doing this for our lakeside Michigan wedding. I have concerns about clothing as well (not our clothing, but guests’) but I think we’ll just let people know ahead of time and if they wish to stay for the bonfire then they may want to bring a change of clothes (wedding is at my parents’ house). Might need to break out the s’mores supplies at that time!

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