charlies doctor who bridal shower
Photos by Lacey Needham Photography

Bridal showers can be awful and awkward. We've talked about all the ways to avoid the awfulness. Bridal showers can also be wibbly wobbly and timey wimey if you steal this Doctor Who bridal shower idea from our reader Charlieheart.

Check out some of the Whovian party details, with TARDIS blue accents, Dalek centerpieces, and an appearance by a weeping angel (of course)…

charlies doctor who bridal shower
Decorate with TARDIS blue table clothes and brightly colored hanging pom-poms.
charlies doctor who bridal shower
Decorate the tables with golden stars, and space-y starbursts, with centerpieces made from champagne, flowers, a TARDIS…
charlies doctor who bridal shower
…and plush Daleks.
charlies doctor who bridal shower
TARDIS string lights are a must-have.
charlies doctor who bridal shower
Of course the lights guide the way to the yummy snacks, accented by the TARDIS Teapot.
charlies doctor who bridal shower
Finally, remember to bring awesome props like this Weeping Angel mask.

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Comments on Doctor Who bridal showers are cool

  1. I am torn between blurting “Rose, you are FANTASTIC.” and “ALLONS-Y!”

    ….I need help. I NEED A DOCTOR.

  2. This is so cool!
    We had a sci-fi/fantasy/geek themed shower just about a week ago, and I modified a TARDIS blue dress to look….well, a little more TARDIS-ish. We encouraged people to dress up and had a costume contest. My mom, who hosted the party, also made a geek trivia game. It was a couple’s shower, so it was more like a backyard hangout than it was a traditional bridal shower. My uncle dressed as Stan Lee, and my fiancee had wolverine claws…and grandma didn’t even bat a lash. We had a blast!
    I’d love to see more shower stuff like this!

  3. this is the greatest moment of my life hahahah thats my daughter scarlette in the bottom pic!! 2 years of following offbeat bride and my dream of being posted on here has been realized!! lol 🙂 we had a lot of fun my sister had no idea what doctor who was (i know right, im like you know what the internet is righhhht?) but she did a amazing job and it turned out awesome, and we had the series playing on the tv the whole time.

  4. oh I am so happy you posted this it took a lot of work but it was so much fun as my sister says above I had no idea what doctor who was so yes I googled and googled and then came up with all these ideas I got a lot of ideas and print outs from being geek chic blog post dr who tea party.. again thanks so much hope everyone enjoys!

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