Corbin & Louise’s Forest Treehouse Zipline Unicycle Wedding

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Offbeat grooms, I hope you're wearing your diapers, because this one is going to make you shit your pants with jealousy: at Corbin & Louise's Forest Treehouse Zipline Unicycle Wedding, the groom entered via a zipline he built in his backyard:
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But don't be fooled! The bride may have walked to the altar, but she got in some zipping too:


Here's the full story from the groom, Corbin:

I met Louise about 5 years ago on an internet personals site. Her ad said she was into “mountain unicycling,” while mine said I “lived in a treehouse.” We met up, and through a series of life adventures are now deeply in love and married. I picked up unicycling from her, and it has become a full time passion of mine. Last year we did a tour through Vietnam on unicycles.

On July 4th, 2008 I proposed to Louise on a mountain unicycle ride. The night before I quickly rode up to some old water towers that frequently are full of graffiti and painted over them with a proposal message:


We set the date for June 13th, 2009 at our house. I originally joked that I should build a treehouse for us to get married in. Time passed, and we talked about building a level platform for the ceremony. I figured I might as well do a treehouse, so I built one for the wedding! I have the whole process on my blog under the treehouse category … It's really a tree-platform until I add walls.

I welded and fabricated custom steel brackets to hold up the beams and built the treehouse-platform (mostly) out of recycled wood from other projects. After the platform was built I said to Louise “How about I put a zip line up as an entrance?” She said okay mainly thinking I wouldn't get around to doing it…but I did!

There's a video of me trying it out on my blog, but I still need to post the final video from the wedding.

We're leaving for our honeymoon this week. We are unicycling from NBO, Kenya to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (east Africa) for one month, and then doing a tour of Madagascar for another month. I'm hoping to create a video and do some writeups afterwards.

Thanks to Corbin for sharing the story … and here's hoping he and Louise have a wonderful time unicycling through Africa!

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  1. Can I just be them? Either one, doesn't matter. I think they are the coolest pair of people I've ever seen. Rock on with the unicycling and tree-living!

  2. Awesome! My husband works with Corbin – I'm not sure how one person can be into off-road unicycling and treehouse construction *and* be a world-class programmer geek, but there he is! Congrats on everything, you two! And thanks for making the rest of us feel boring by comparison! 🙂

  3. Wow I got so excited just reading that! How awesome that you two met and can share your passions so happily. I am thrilled for you both and amazed by the sound of your adventures! Congratulations!

  4. Haha!

    I had to laugh when I saw this, it's awesome for the couple and it looked like they had a blast- but my guy and I met working a zipline canopy tour in Alaska (which he ended up managing after that) and it would be too funny (but mainly AWFUL) if we entered our wedding this way. Too much time spent on a steel cable.

    So great though, good for them. Make it fun!

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