Aimee and Trey’s Butoh wedding by Dani Weiss Photography

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Seattle photographer Dani Weiss sent this wedding our way and we can honestly say that we've NEVER seen a wedding like Aimee and Trey's before…

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Aimee is the owner of Hollyhock Cakes and Trey is a Butoh dancer and dressed in his Butoh costume for the wedding, and they are both in a band called Vishnu's Secret.

IMG 9356 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

I don't have many more details, other than it was held in Aimee's parent's backyard in Santa Cruz, but the pictures are lovely and the fashion is out of this world. Do yourself a favor and head over to Dani Weiss's blog to see more of this beautiful union.

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Comments on Aimee and Trey’s Butoh wedding by Dani Weiss Photography

  1. Am I the only one who started thinking of Imogen Heap when I saw these pictures?

    I am so stunned by their outfits; I’m in love!

    • I made the orange suit for Trey, and assisted Bruce G. Lee in creating the collar and cape. I think (though I don’t recall for certain) that Aimee’s skirt was a vintage piece and I do not know who custom made her corset.

      • Looks like Jay Monet was the artist responsible for Aimee’s stunning look!

  2. Haha, when I first read this I thought it said, “Butch wedding,” and I was all excited to see two brides in pants with short hair or something. But this is really cool too!

  3. My first thought was wow, I love the lace on his…. um collar! Then it was: this reminds me of Cirque Du Soleil, no…. more like Star Wars. Then I read the article.
    And you know what I LOVE about this site? You enrich yourself learning about different cultures and social traditions (and in some cases non-traditional traditions starting out. Did that make sense?)I had no idea what Butoh was til I looked it up. Cooool!
    They look so happy and in love. Makes a heart happy.
    Love O.B.B.

  4. I LOVE this whole wedding–it’s fantastic!

    The tissue paper flowers on the dancer’s head and in the tree are freaking sweet too!

  5. One time I read something on here along the lines of, ” prepare to get your mind-holes blown.” I think mine was just blown. How uber unique!

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