How to DIY a festive wedding banner

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We've showed you how to make a simple yet elegant doily bunting banner and a playful and sweet felt bunting banner… now let's take a look at our final tutorial in this three part DIY series on making festive wedding banners! Wooooo!

This project requires quite a bit of sewing, but it's still a simple idea and can be finished in just a couple of hours max! So don't be skeered. Jump in, the DIY water is oh so warm!



Step 1:

Gather all your materials. Cut the bias tape to the length you'd like it to be. For this tutorial, I made mine about 2 yards long. Pre-wash and iron all of your fabrics, preferably with a steam iron.


Step 2:

Cut a triangle out of your cardboard piece, like we did before for the felt bunting banner. Use that triangle as a stencil, and trace your triangle shape on the WRONG SIDE of the fabrics you're using, taking care to use as little fabric as possible. In other words, you can butt the triangle shapes up next to each other for minimum fabric usage. I traced eight shapes of each of the two fabrics I'm using, for a total of sixteen pieces.


Step 3:
Now, pin all your fabric triangles RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Make sure you match up the edges so that they are flush with each other. For mine, I used my floral fabric A for one side and my floral fabric B for the other side, so that they have different patterns on each side. This way, when you stagger them, they will look the same from both sides of the bunting banner.


Step 4:
Now we get to sew! I would thread your machine with a thread color that will be blend into your fabric, usually white or black. Starting from the top right edge of your triangle, sew down to the bottom point, turn and sew up the other side to the top flat part. DO NOT SEW the top flat part. You will need this open so you can turn your fabric triangles right side out. After you have sewn all the triangles together along three sides, unpin them and trim the point off. Take care NOT to cut into your stitching. Also, trim off any excess fabric or folds at the top of your triangles so that the top is flush and neat.


Step 5:
Now, carefully turn your triangles right side out, using a point turner or a knitting needle to push out the center corner. Be VERY careful not to push too hard or your seam will pop out at the corner. And that is no fun for anyone!

Iron your triangle shapes flat so that they're easier to work with. Sometimes it helps to lay them out in the sequence you'd like them to be placed on your bias tape as well.

Step 6:
Now on to the bias tape, my friends. If you're using the double-fold bias tape like I suggested DSCN1044it will already be folded towards the center. Your job is to now fold that whole strip in half so that it's one long skinny piece with the folded bits inside. Iron it in half to strengthen that crease/fold and then pin it every few inches so it keeps it's shape during sewing.

At this point, you will need to take note of the absolute middle of your bias tape. I like to pin it with a different color pin, so I can tell the difference between them all! When you have your middle point, you can use that as a jumping off point for pinning. I measured 1/2″ from my middle point, and starting pinning my triangle shapes 1″ inch apart (1/2″ from the middle point).DSCN1049

Make sure to pin your pieces INSIDE THE CREASE of the bias tape. The open end of the folded bias tape will be pointing down, and your flat top piece of the flags will be inserted in that fold, so that the point of the fabric is pointing straight down. You'll have to be careful here… the pins and bias tape like to act up. Just go slow, pin straight and pin often!

Step 7:


Now let's get down to the real deal! Take your long, pinned strip of bias tape and flags over to your sewing machine. Carefully sew down the bias tape, with the flags pointing out to the left, about 1/4″ in from the left side of the bias tape. If you just sew straight down the middle of the bias tape, you're probably fine. Backstitch at the beginning and end of your sewing to ensure durability.

Unpin your creation. Fold the ends of your bias tape under and run a quick hem to secure it. This creates a finished (somewhat) end for hanging. You can also just dab a little Fray Check on the ends and let it dry, if you don't feel like sewing up and finishing the ends.

You're finished! This sweet bunting banner is washable and reversible. You could hang this on the chairs going down your aisle, on the wall at your reception, over your bed at home… or even in a wee one's nursery (like Ariel did with the one I made for Tavi!). I love it, don't you!?!?


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