Nothing will stop ... THE WEDDING!
My friend and neighbor, Seattle cartoonist Ellen Forney, recently designed these sci-fi fabulous wedding invitations for a local couple, Michaela and Ryan.

See, when Ellen's not busy cranking out comics for award-winning books, she does these badass custom wedding invitations. I've liked lots of Ellen's invites in the past (and featured her before) but I'm COMPLETELY in love with Michaela and Ryan's zombie-themed invitation illustration, which reads “Earthquake? Hangover? Zombies? Nothing will stop … THE WEDDING.”

You really must view it larger to see all the black-inked details.

And if you're curious about Ellen's non-zombie custom wedding invitations, watch this little video where she walks you through some of her work, including a great twist on using photobooth pictures in your invitation …

If one of a kind, comic-brilliance invitations are up your alley, go check out Ellen's website!

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Comments on Nothing will stop … THE WEDDING

  1. Super cute! Can someone explain more about the announcement card to give to people who are not invited? Won't they think it is an invitation? Someone recently asked me for my wedding announcement and I am totally confused about this.

    • This person might be talking about an engagement announcement, like in the paper… a little blurb you write up saying "hey, we're engaged, we're getting married, it'll be great."

      As far as I know, the wedding announcement is something you have ready to send just after the wedding saying something like "partner 1 and partner 2 were married on the fifteenth day of whatever month…. etc." These are sent to people who you didn't invite or couldn't make it, but you would like for them to know that it actually happened.

  2. I love the announcement! I've never seen anything like it before and I love that it is a little bit twisted, but in a good way.

  3. Okay thinking about this for my wedding. I think fiance will get behind it seeing as his thesis was on zombies…hmm…

  4. Your work is clever and fun! I can imagine receiving any of those invitations in the mail and grinning from ear to ear! i’d save the cards forever! Wish I was getting married again…but the first one worked 36 years ago!

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