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Everything from wedding photo booth rental, to how to DIY a photo booth, to photo booth apps and props… SAY CHEESE!

Holy Grail of Kitsch wedding 31 scaled alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A quirky thrift store wedding sealed with a kitsch

When we say it was a thrift store wedding, WE MEAN IT! Check out the troll dolls, VHS tape centerpieces, the rotary phone, and a gorgeous second-hand wedding dress.

Combine a photo booth with a favor and you'll have this "photo wall" wedding idea

Combine a photo booth with a favor and you’ll have this “photo wall” wedding idea

So you want to collect guest photos, maybe display them somehow at the wedding, and provide a way for guests to take them home as a favor? Any or all of these can be accomplished with this little trick from reader Kassie. She snagged a portable photo printer with wifi which will allowed her guests to snag photos with their phones, print them on the fly, and add them to the glorious display on a big photo wall. I love this idea because you’ll get loads of photos, tons of selfies of people in their best finery, and save cash on a photo booth.

A frostbitten Canadian park elopement (with bison!)

Give your guests face time with cardboard cut-outs of your gorgeous mugs

When you’re determined that everyone at your wedding can get some real face time with you, employ the use of some fakes! Yep, we’re talking cardboard cut-outs of your mugs for use in photos, on the dance floor, and just for general fun.

Brianne and Dale had big cut-outs of their faces looking hilariously stern that were passed around so that everyone could get a little one-on-one with the newlyweds.

Have guests riff your wedding with an MST3K photo booth

Have guests riff your wedding with an MST3K photo booth

When I saw this killer photo booth idea (or guest book idea!) from Jane and Matt’s wonderfully weird Austin wedding, I knew it was a winner. Prompting guests to roast you Mystery Science Theater 3K-style is a perfect way to snag laughs. I recommend grabbing a camera and making sure to catch it on video, too.

Offbeat ceremony backdrops

Paper flowers, garland, and pizza(?): These alternative wedding ceremony backdrops are groovy

Did you see our roundup of macrame wedding backdrops that totally double as home decor? I found a whole slew of alternative wedding ceremony backdrops that give that a run for its money. From balloons to bunting to huge paper flowers and succulents wreaths, there’s something in the vein of flora and fauna that will suit your ceremony decor needs.

Use them as ceremony backdrops, as your arch, in your photo booth, behind your sweetheart table… anywhere you like. Ready to peruse your options? Let’s go…

dog toy emojis alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

These photo booth props can help shelter dogs after your wedding

I found those plushies that would be super cute for photo booth props. But they’re also dog toys! And then I realized… I could purchase a ton of fun-shaped dog toys, perfect for photo booth posing, and then donate them to a dog shelter afterwards!

Here are some dog toys that would make great photo booth props…