OBT member “Rachel Mann” posted a wedding planning update in which she showed off her X-Men comic book cover-style STDs which are pretty freaking incredible…


“Jarrod and I LOVE the X-Men and Rogue and Gambit are our favs, so it was great to incorporate that in our save the dates. My last name is Mann, so the whole thing tied into each other. Get it ‘X-Mann.' Clever me.”

Oh man, it works on so many levels, far beyond just being awesome! “Clever you” indeed.

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Comments on X-Men: Joining forces to save… the date?

  1. Wait! She's going to absorb all his powers! Man, I had such a mega-crush on Rouge and Gambit when I was a kid. Adorable concept for save-the-dates!

  2. I still have the comic that had this cover, my sister and I used to drool over it. Great save-the-date, looking forward to the invite!

  3. That's awesome! My fiance and I are getting our graphic designer friend to adapt the "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" (the one with Han & Leia about to kiss) with our faces and those of our wedding party for our STDs. Cheers to all the awesome, creative nerd couples out there!

  4. OH MY GOD!!! That is by far the coolest STD I have seen EVER!!! I'm a complete comic book nerd especially Marvel (PS: Stan Lee is my God). I loved Rogue. This is so cool!!!

  5. This is awesome! And it hilarious becuase I am watching the old school XMen carttons with my kids right now!

  6. Awesome!… we did similar STD's a few years ago with Mary Jane and Spiderman 😀

    • I’m thinking of using Mary Jane and Spiderman! Did you incorporate superheros into your invitions, wedding, etc.? I’m trying to figure out how to do it and keep with the ’50’s/’60’s vibe that I want my wedding to have.

  7. That's amazing!! I remember having that issue– Rogue and Gambit were my favorites. And I've been describing my wedding colors to people as "Rogue's costume yellow and green."

  8. That is by FAR the coolest thing I've ever seen; wish I had thought of it!

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