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From when to send ’em and what they could look like… Save the Date to check out this archive. (Formal invitations to follow.)

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Our hot take on when to send out wedding invites and save the dates

Wondering when to send out wedding invites? I’m giving two answers. The first is what is considered “standard” for the wedding industry. The second is what I personally think is most useful, especially as a money-conscious girlie existing in a post-pandemic era.

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Wedding etiquette basics every bride, groom, and marrier should know

The guests you’re inviting to your wedding love and support you enough to take time out of their schedules to celebrate with you. Here are a few wedding etiquette basics to convey you see them and appreciate them for showing up for you.

Be blown away by this amazing DIY urban flavor and vintage frills wedding

Can I call it a “wedding” if we’re already legally married?

Thanks to Covid, there are lots of us this year who got legally married without having weddings. Next year, lots of us want to have “weddings,” but some etiquette tells us we’re not allowed to call them that.

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Why send a save the date card? (…Maybe because they’re cute and getting easier and easier to make!)

Save the date cards have become a popular option, especially for destination weddings. Here are some reasons that you might want to do a save the date card.

"Is it okay to email my wedding invites?" Yep, and here's why it's awesome

Is it okay to email wedding invitations? Totally yes, here are 7 reasons why

The time to hem and haw about whether it’s okay to email your wedding invitations is over. It’s totally okay! Couples are aiming for more eco-friendly wedding choices and even your older relatives are probably even rocking smartphones or at least have internet access. The benefits of digital invitations are huge and you don’t have to feel bad taking advantage of them.

Here are six reasons why online wedding invitations are awesome…

Here's how to save money & the environment with gorgeous digital wedding invitations (with tracking, RSVPs, and more!)

Digital wedding invitations save money & the environment (with tracking, RSVPs, and more!)

What if I told you there was a service that offered you totally customizable online wedding invitations with RSVP tracking, a digital resource page (aka wedding website!), and so many more features that gave you all the elegance of a printed invitation without the hefty cost to your wallet and to the Earth? Let’s meet our partner, Greenvelope