A wine box ceremony with a Where’s Waldo surprise

Guest post by Amanda (aka Dazed Daizy)
Wine box ceremony + Where's Waldo = awesome wedding ceremony!
Wine box ceremony + Where's Waldo = awesome wedding ceremony!

The day I met my future husband he was wearing a striped shirt very similar to Waldo‘s. I made the connection and since then it's always been an inside joke that he's Waldo (especially because I'm great at losing him when we go anywhere together… I swear we get distracted so easily…).

Anyhoo! For our ceremony we are going to do a wine box ceremony, but instead of writing love letters we are putting in a personal token of our love… with a Waldo theme!

I decided to include a Where's Waldo keychain. Additionally, I bought Waldo postcards, and I will write a note on one and include in the box. (I plan on giving the rest to him over a span of ten years on our anniversary.) We decided to explain why we chose our token and here is what I wrote for the first draft:


I chose Where's Waldo because, like you, he's one of a kind. And in the past, at first glance, I'd thought I'd found who I was looking for, but somewhere I realized they were missing something. It may have been your funny looking glasses or your playful smile, but whatever it was, it's here now. The day I met you, you walked into the room wearing a striped shirt not far off from Waldo's, a beanie hat, and those rectangle rims. Thus the joke was born. It was on this day and in just a few short moments that I knew there was something about you that I needed to be a part of. No matter how cliché it sounds, it's true. Something made me drawn to you, made me feel as though you were who would end my search.

No matter how tight the crowd gets

No matter how overwhelming the scene is,

I'll always be looking to you for someone familiar, comforting, and loving. And I'm excited to get lost with you in our next adventure. I love you.

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  1. WOW such a sweet sentiment and your wording is wonderful! I’m doing a wine box ceremony for my wedding as well and never thought to add momentos to give out each year on anniversaries. Very awesome indeed! So glad you found your waldo 😀

  2. Not going to lie, your short and so very sweet note made me tear up. What a sweet idea, congratulations to you both. <3

  3. I love that you took something so simple and fun and made it something personal and unique. Plus, I too have a Waldo. 🙂

  4. Awww that’s sweet. We are going to the wine box, thanks for another inspiration surrounding it.

  5. Such a sweet idea! I love reading crazy headlines like this one and then seeing that it’s actually a really beautiful and personal idea.

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