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Alternative unity ceremonies as seen on @offbeatbride

Glaciers, puzzles, and beermosas: 10 offbeat unity ceremonies we adore

Unity cocktails, unity wine boxes, unity candles, unity science projects, and even unity sandwiches — damn we love us some uniting! We’ve rounded up a few of our newest offbeat unity ceremonies for your own ceremony schemes (including Keith and Corianton’s lumberjack-inspired ceremony above!). Let’s see what offbeat couples have been dreaming up.

rainbow stripe umbrellas alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Ann & Eric’s Detroit lovefest with old timey revelry

These two love them some old timey fun and brought it ALL to their wedding in the bride’s hometown of Detroit. She also totally schooled her Chicago pals in all things awesome in Detroit: the Henry Ford museum complex, awesome food (including Coney dogs!), and goodie bags filled with local snacks and beers. Get on your penny-farthing and come take a peek!

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Carmen & Grant’s weekend getaway “crocodiles on safari” wedding

When a crocodile invites himself to the wedding, you pretty much have to show him a good time… or else! And these two totally did that with their South African dishes and Amarula, the bride’s awesome gossamer wings, the Harry Potter ring book, and the sweet wine box ceremony. Check out the rest of the wedding and keep an eye out for various fauna that might be on the loose.

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Nathalia & Rafael’s movie-themed wedding and going-away party

Clapperboards, film rolls, and superheroes, oh my! It must be a movie-themed wedding… this time in Brazil! The couple planned to head off to London the day after the wedding, so it was a whole lot of packing and planning to make this all come together in time. And we think you’ll love the adorable moments during the ceremony. Here’s a hint: the groom may have futzed up rock-paper-scissors!

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Paula & Brian’s Old Hollywood glam wedding

Live music, a wedding singer, and some retro glam make this wedding fabulous. And when you hear what went in to the pre-owned couture dress, you’ll have a new appreciation for all that beading! Add in a veggie feast, a wine box ceremony, and a sweet favorite song moment shared with the father of the bride, and you’ll swoon.

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Personalize your wine box with homemade touches

A wine box at wedding ceremonies often holds letters the couple wrote to each other, a bottle of wine, and two glasses, meant to be opened on a special anniversary. We love this idea, but there’s no reason you can’t shake up what goes inside. Kara and Gary had a created a wine box with their own spin: more letters, homemade mead, skeleton keys, and gifts!