A little bit country, a whole lotta rock ‘n roll… and a pornographic letter as a reading? Can you say amazeballs?!? As if the kick-ass tutu dress wasn't balls-out enough… – Becca

Ceremony 2

The offbeat bride: Sheila, Photographer

Her offbeat partner: Andrew, Musician

Location & date of wedding: Sound Factory Bar, Charleston, and Dunbar Winecellar Park, Dunbar WV — October 10, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: We had two ceremonies on the same day. We picked 10-10-10, because it was a perfect score!

5081808232 8630c6fe91 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)The first ceremony was at noon, outdoors. We got married in what some believe are haunted wine cellars.

Everyone sat on straw. Our wedding programs were paper airplanes. Our favors were homemade brownies in paper bags that I doodled on with a sharpie. We gave everyone pink lemonade and fresh fruit since we didn't do a reception.

Ceremony 2We had twelve kids make up our wedding party. Our bridesmaids carried parasoles and wore $5 bargain dresses that I customized, and our groomsmen wore wallet chains, pink ties, and their favorite skate shoes.

My dad and my oldest son gave me away. My husband gave the kids ring pops during the ceremony. We did a salt ceremony and included all four of my children.

Ceremony 1

Ceremony 1I wore a dress from 1952 that my friend's aunt made. My head piece was made from scratch by my friend Stephen. My bouquet was the bouquet my mom carried when she renewed her vows with my dad.

The second ceremony was the complete opposite. It was at the Sound Factory bar downtown. It was significant to us, because it was where I started my career as a band photographer, and it was the first place his band played a show.

I wore a tutu designed and made by my friend Stephen. He also designed the flower for my hair, my jewerly and he decorated my heels to match.

Ceremony 2We had twenty bridesmaids, five groomsmen, three live bands, and a thousand cup cakes! I made the cup cake stands from cups and plates. Our programs were CD books I made. Our guestbook was a poster I made and had everyone sign. Our card box was my snare that I cut a hole into. Our favors were bottled water that we made labels for, and 1000 “punk pins” that said things like “gurlwood” and “guy wet.” My throw bouquet was roses made from new condoms.

Ceremony 2

Ceremony 1Our biggest challenge: We be some poor peoples. 🙂

We were initially going to do one ceremony at the Sound Factory, but we couldn't have kids. So we had to create the second ceremony, because I wasn't giving up “our” spot! We pulled it together in less then three months!

Then the person who was going to officiate the first ceremony wasn't able to come, so three days before our weddings we ran down to the court house and got married. But we didn't tell anyone.

Ceremony 2We knew we were not starting with a budget and would be paying as we needed items, so we tried to do everything for free. Our invitations to the first ceremony were all hand painted cards by me, our second ceremony invitations were flyers and cost about $30.

Originally I had thirty bridesmaids, but one by one they had stuff come up. I just rolled with it and didn't take it personally. I looked at it this way: if they dropped out, it was cool, because I still had twenty!

I knew I needed help the day of with site set-ups, so having a day-of coordinator was a lifesaver! I drew her maps and diagrams, used photos, etc.

Ceremony 2

Ceremony 1My favorite moment: My favorite moments from the first ceremony were:

  • My dad and son giving me away.
  • Andy's speech to the kids and then giving them ring pops.
  • Andy's sister and one of my best friends, Debbie, sang acapella “Angels Wings” by Social Distortion as I walked down the aisle.
  • Andy's vows, which included “I'm your ride or die bitch.”
  • Our moms reading wasn't scripture, but was about our zodiacs. 🙂

Ceremony 2At the second ceremony, Andy sang “Angels Wings” with a live band as I walked down the aisle. This was a complete surprise to me — I was told his friend was singing.

My friend Risa did the reading for the second ceremony, which was a dirty letter I wrote to Andy.

My dad and I created a line dance to “Move it on Over” by George Thorogood, and danced to that as our father daughter dance.

Seeing my amazing friends standing in front of the bar in their black dresses holding cases of cupcakes that they made was amazing. I'm an activist for Domestic Violence Awareness (which is in October), so my bridesmaids carried purple candles in lieu of bouquets.

Ceremony 1

Ceremony 2My funniest moment: The reading during ceremony number two was a dirty letter from me to Andy. My friend Risa read some pretty nasty stuff out loud, and kept a straight face.

When I was walking down the aisle, I kissed my dad goodbye and ran to Andy. I knocked him down and off the stage!

Ceremony 2

Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? Organization! I thought everyone would be going in every direction, but everyone was where I needed them to be!

Ceremony 1

Ceremony 2My advice for offbeat brides: Get a notebook and fine tipped sharpies! I had one to jot everything down in — contact info, my to-do lists, drawings of what I wanted, etc.

Be fearless, because SOMEONE is going to have an issue with SOMETHING that you're doing. Accept that, and accept that you won't please everyone.

If someone or something isn't conducive to a positive experience, get rid of it! Yes, people included! Salvage the relationship if you can, but don't keep people around because you feel obligated. (I'm a bitch, I know!)

Keep a shopping wish list with you at all times. Seriously. I was two hours away from home for work, and on my way back home, I saw a Goodwill that had items I couldn't find anywhere local. Honestly, had I not had my list burning a hole in my purse I would have forgotten what items I needed.

Ceremony 1Have you been married before and if so, what did you do differently? Yes. The first one I did everything the way I was “supposed” to do it. This time, we threw every convention out the window and just planned two really awesome parties!

Ceremony 2

5081214943 4b917b26d1 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? Always stay true to who you are, and who you are as a couple. Don't be ashamed that you're broke, just be proud that you're creative!

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  1. “Always stay true to who you are, and who you are as a couple. Don’t be ashamed that you’re broke, just be proud that you’re creative!” BEST ADVICE EVER!!!!! Love it all, your 2nd wedding outfit made me swoon! Awesomeness all around!

  2. Your hair, I adore! I’m currently sporting red, but pink is next in line! You are one rockin’ awesome lady and I love the creativity in both your ceremonies! I love how the dresses of each contrasted with each other but fit you so well!

  3. Totally freakin awesome! I’m digging the personal touches. The bride’s necklace is amazing! Where is it from?

    • Hey Kelly Thanks!

      The necklace is actually a custom piece that my friend Stephen who designed my dress also made. :)He’s a genius! He used scraps of fabric from the dress and two sparrows and swaski crystals.

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    Stephen worked his butt off on that dress! He actually broke three needles..upolstry needles on that dress! When I begged him to help me with it he asked what do you want..I said A tutu that looks destroyed and insane. Cute but not clowny. lol It’s a piece of art!

  5. I can’t believe it but somehow she managed to leave out that the second ceremony vows were done in a Dr. Seuss like rhyme which was hilarious!

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