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Reilly Cory Crater Lake Umpqua Elopement 16 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Can you get married at Crater Lake? YES and we’ve got insider tips you need to know

The juxtaposition of these two lovely people dressed to the nines, getting married in a place so vast and wild… Keep reading for all the details about this sunrise elopment, and the pro-tips you need to know if you’re wondering if YOU can get married at Crater Lake.

Get starry-eyed with this creative DIY Wedding in a historic Chicago park

Get starry-eyed with this creative DIY wedding in a historic Chicago park

Amanda and Melody tied the knot after almost ten years of being together. Melody is an artist so aesthetics were key. They chose a geode theme and iridescent color scheme for the wedding details and decor. Melody brought her creative touches to the handmade bow ties, boutonnieres and bouquets made from Palo Santo and colorful gem stones, and elaborate table settings featuring black candle sticks, geodes, and photos of the couple. They even built their own geode-like backdrop for the photo booth and a friend created a fabulous geode cake.

A redwoods, dragons wedding in San Francisco

A redwoods, dragons, and purple wedding in San Francisco

Alanna and Vihang’s wedding theme can be summed up into three words: purple, dragons, and redwoods. After a sweet family-focused Friday ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, Alanna and Vihang celebrated with their friends with a party in Oakland’s Redwood Regional Park. Come toast with some dragon goblets to this adorable pair…

dsffd alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Art, succulents, & a crystal crown at this vegan eco-friendly wedding (all for under $2200!)

This eco-friendly couple wanted to leave no trace at their outdoor park eco-friendly wedding, and they truly succeeded. they rocked all vegan food, all vegan clothing, and donated food and blankets to local charities after it was all over. But don’t miss all the amazing moments, romantic ceremony, gorgeous dress (with crystal crown!(, and everything else that made our jaws drop at this glorious wedding…

An Italian New York wedding with a Central Park ceremony

An Italian New York wedding with a Central Park ceremony

Ilian and Laura are Italian and wanted to celebrate their wedding day in their favorite city in the world, New York City. Their Central Park ceremony was followed by a jaunt around the city to some of their favorite New York haunts. Don’t miss their two stunning gowns (and chiffon cape!) and sweet Times Square stolen kisses.

eloping to disney alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This pair knew eloping to Disneyland for Dapper Day was the magic idea

Steph and Shelby had watched a really beautiful elopement video a few years prior to getting engaged and had it in their heads since it was so intimate. When they actually got engaged, however, so many people were excited and asking about it that they completely froze on what to do. One day after a year or so into their engagement, Steph finally suggested eloping to Disneyland in California for Dapper Day. And it was set: a tiny ceremony and mini honeymoon in the most magical place on Earth.