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What do you call it when you skipped the wedding and just got married at the courthouse for practical purposes, but then decide to throw a big reception for your friends and family months or even years later? We call that GETTING WEDDINGED, and it’s awesome. (Note that there’s also the reverse, especially with LGBT couples: GETTING LEGALLED, where you go to the courthouse to make it legal months or years after having a commitment ceremony.)

Be blown away by this amazing DIY urban flavor and vintage frills wedding

Can I call it a “wedding” if we’re already legally married?

Thanks to Covid, there are lots of us this year who got legally married without having weddings. Next year, lots of us want to have “weddings,” but some etiquette tells us we’re not allowed to call them that.

Love Exiles wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

From Love Exile to legal wedded bliss: get your hankies out for this wedding

After meeting fatefully at a nightclub in D.C., Tamara proposed to Leriche every single day. Tamara had to became a Love Exile in South Africa to allow Leriche to join her as a legal immigrant since the U.S. didn’t allow LGBT sponsorship for partners. They were legally married in South Africa, but their dream of having a ceremony at home finally came true when Virginia passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. Come see their joyful story.

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Liza & Kyle’s rustic Scandinavian-inspired wedding

Give us a rustic venue and gorgeous flowers any day. But add in some Wiccan and Scandanavian handfasting details, awesome rustic and mustache-y decor, and some Vengaboys(!) and we’re smitten. Take a peek at this wedding for some sweet silliness and good old fashioned fun.

save the date for when youre already married alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to write honest already-married wedding invitations (when you’re already legally married, but having a wedding anyway!)

We sent out our Save the Dates. We’re having a pretty relaxed, but pretty big, picnic wedding in a park. I’ll wear a white dress, he’ll wear a suit, there may be speeches, there will be games. But we’re already married. So as I put together our Wordpress wedsite, and our Save the Dates, I thought a lot about wording, and about transparency, and about inclusion.

glittery bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A glittery Cambodian-influenced post-elopement wedding party in Philly

Nei and Mike eloped in Las Vegas and then got weddinged three months later. Since Nei hails from Cambodia they each donned wedding wear from the country as a nod to her family’s origins. Nei actually wore two incredible glittery dresses (one red, and one silver) and two tiaras — talk about bling! The couple and their family created nearly every detail, including the bouquets, red paper cranes (they had 500!), and tree branch centerpieces. The pair finished up the night by diving face-first into their three-tiered red wedding cake, which might be one of the fastest ways to eat wedding cake ever.

city hall pre wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Lindsay & Ashraf’s multi-lingual vegan-friendly atheist wedding

A city hall ceremony started this pair off in matrimony, and then it was topped off by a three-day weekend of barbecues, brunches, and of course, a big ol’ multi-lingual party! Just wait until you see their M.C. Escher-inspired invitation, Wall-E cake toppers, and fruit centerpieces. But the best part is their funniest moments, which involve an overly enthusiastic ring dad and a translated baby. WHAT.