Monday Montage: Hot hats & heavenly (sometimes even hard) head pieces

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I can't get over how many awesome head pieces our gorgeous offbeat brides wear to their weddings. It would be rude of me not to share the greatness with you, so today's Monday Montage is dedicated to hats, head pieces, and head decorations in general.

First DanceTribe member DaisyD‘s champagne-colored top hat with feathers and a big ‘ol honkin' fabric flower is, quite frankly, epic. Also, can we talk about how this photo looks like it could be a freaking painting?!

DSC_3118Here's a little veil-fascinator-hat combo from Olivia, and it's fantastic.

Angels Flight Of course, seductive hats don't just belong to the ladies. I love that it looks like this photo could have been taken in the '40s.

Arica and TrevorAnd fancy hats aren't just limited to the bride and groom, either — guests can also break out their fanciest headwear. Arica has an awesome mini top hat and veil, and her husband, Trevor, has one awesome Steampunk-tastic hat.

Amanda & JoeyHeadwear doesn't always have to be large and loud to catch your attention. Amanda's simple rhinestone headband rocks my socks!

5446705081 75009da85b alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Another simple, yet sock-rocking head piece from Lisa (aka Bunnyheffner).

Ai & JohnAi had three different head pieces for her hybrid Japanese and American wedding ceremony. The front of this one is just as stunning as the back.

The dress..Tribe member Salem describes her wedding as “Victorian-themed with tendencies and leanings towards old nautical, steam punk and the macabre.” I think she kills it with her ensemble and then tops it off with the perfect hat.

Getaway by bikeGotta love how chrliegrl exited her wedding. It's not often you see a bride wearing a bike helmet.

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Comments on Monday Montage: Hot hats & heavenly (sometimes even hard) head pieces

  1. I love how Ai of the hybrid Japanese and American wedding ceremony has a little vampire tattoo at the nape of her neck it makes a nice juxtaposition to her head pieces

  2. These head-toppers are all amazing!

    And holy bananas, chrliegrl, your bike helmet exit is adorable.

  3. Ah! It’s me! In all my big boofy black dress glory, haha. Thanks for the mention lovely offbeat bride people! Now I should perhaps do my write up haha.

  4. Hats. Where are they from? How can I go about buying them all? NEEEEEEED.

    This post is my new favorite. 😀

    • My top hat was made for me by Etsy’s House of Nines Design.

      Thanks OBB for featuring us on the montage.

  5. Thanks for including me in this awesome montage! The picture you posted was actually taken by our wedding photographer Zach from Kaptive Photography

    • Hey KT, that photo was taken at U Prince, a bar across the street from Old Town Hall in Prague where my husband and I eloped. Behind us to my left is the hall, and to my husband’s right is the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. 🙂

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