12 essential wedding transportation tips for hauling everyone around

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Wedding transportation tips from @offbeatbride
Ashley and Eric's rad bus from Reggie's. Photo by Photos by Mike Killion

Unless you're having just one venue with ample parking near everyone you know, getting yourself and your guests where they need to be is not always an easy task. Plus, offering transportation keeps any tipsy driving to a minimum as well. Here are some riding-in-style wedding transportation tips to make sure nobody gets left stranded en route to your rockin' party.

Book personal transportation well in advance

If you'll be booking a car, limo, tandem bike, etc. for your own travel needs, book it as early as possible, preferably 5-7 months beforehand. This is especially true if your wedding is around prom season (April-June) and you're looking for a formal or vintage car or limousine.

Wedding transportation tips from @offbeatbride
Grace and Heather in their trolley. Photo by Love + Perry Photography

Think outside of the limo

Many cities have awesome bus services of which to take advantage. Party buses, charters, vintage Volkswagens, open-air trolleys, hearses, and specialty buses (like Reggie's in Chicago) can be awesome limo alternatives that can carry loads of people.

Or, go old school with a rented school bus. School districts will often rent buses for pretty affordable prices.

Wedding transportation tips from @offbeatbride
Clare & Alistair's vintage bus ride. Photo by Clare Andrew

Think outside of cars and buses entirely!

From the silly (skateboards) to the sublimely dreamy (Batmobile!), we've seen lots of non-car options in our time. Think bicycles, bike rickshaws, horse-drawn carriages, helicopters, golf carts, farm equipment, and more. See more ideas here.

Look at your rental before you sign

If you're booking a car, limo, or bus, feel free to ask to see the vehicle before you sign any agreements. It may not be your exact car, but it'll be easier to visualize what you're getting into before you commit.

Consider your wedding party

It's not required to haul your crew around, but it sure is nice if you can afford it. This could be a great opportunity to check out the larger bus/trolley options. Or see if there's some homegrown ride-sharing potential if everyone is heading from one venue to another.

Consider out-of-towners

Non-locals won't know the customs in your area and may need some tips to help them get around. Include some helpful information in your invitation like cab company numbers, bike rentals, and public transportation options. You may also want to have this handy on your wedding website, if you have one.

If you've got a hotel block, you can also see if they have any deals on transportation to your venue and back (and even to the airport, if that's applicable!)

Consider your older guests

Keep an eye on your guest list to make sure any older or disabled guests are covered, transportation-wise. If nothing else, designate a wedding party member or family member to make sure your older guests have safe rides available.

If you're cabbing it, plan ahead

Getting a cab is highly variable in some cities. If you're cabbing it, call ahead to make sure they know your situation. Or use a service like Lyft or Uber who usually has lots of availability depending on the city.

Oh, and bring something to protect your outfit in the cab (garbage bag, perhaps?). You just can't guarantee that it'll be super clean in there.

Wedding transportation tips from @offbeatbride
Nina & Tom's bus ceremony. Photo by Jenny GG

Ask about custom music

Want a custom soundtrack playing during your ride? See if the company allows you to use your own playlists.

Add extra time to your schedule for trips

Pad your schedule with 20-30 extra minutes to account for traffic, local events, weather, late arrivals, and general mayhem that may occur.

Allow for wait time in your budget

Most rental companies require a minimum number of hours and will charge for wait time, so make sure to allow for $50+ per hour plus tip for these extra hours. The cheapest option may just be to book for the whole day.

Tip accordingly

It's customary to tip drivers, but it's often already included in the bill. If not, 20% for each driver should cover it.

Wedding transportation tips from @offbeatbride

Are you planning to rent any cars or buses for you and your crew?

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  1. Getting a bus to drive you and your wedding party around seems like a really fun idea. I would love to rent a big bus when I get married. I know that I am not a fan of driving, and my current boyfriend isn’t either, so this would be perfect!

  2. I never thought about asking to see the vehicle before booking your rental! That would be really helpful so that you could see how many people you could fit. My sister and her fiance are getting married in the next few weeks and they want to rent a limo to get to and from the wedding. We want to get one for the bridesmaids and groomsmen so I’ll have to do a little research.

  3. I appreciate that you mentioned to consider non-locals, and to provide some information to them about services that they could use. It can definitely help them feel at peace if you have a game plan. Not only that, but if you provide a service to them such as transportation, then that’s one less thing they will have to worry about.

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