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Wedding Planning 101

You’ve just gotten engaged and don’t know where to start. Here are some wedding planning basics to get you started in planning your alternative wedding with Offbeat Wed!

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Offbeat Wed in The Guardian: Gen Z says weddings should be cheaper. Here’s how to make that happen

The Guardian asked Suki to write an article about the rise of low-key weddings amongst Gen Z. This new trend is emerging as the average wedding cost in the U.S. balloons between 30-40k. With a growing search for “simple weddings” and “nontraditional ceremonies,” that means Suki got to talk about her two favorite things: nontraditional wedding ceremonies and saving money! Don’t miss the examples from real weddings that nailed the low-key wedding assignment.

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14 ways to have a stress-free wedding day

Stress and weddings… Can one exist without the other? Well-meaning loved ones will remind you that your wedding day is a time for celebration, not a source of stress. But if you need practical, stress-free wedding advice, keep reading!

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Wedding pros dish tips for stress-free wedding planning that are super useful

You’re trying to have a stress-free wedding planning experience…Well, as stress-free as humanly possible. Whether you’re feeling excited or maybe a little anxious, the reality is that 100% stress-free wedding planning isn’t completely realistic. So, we asked these wedding pros to share their tips for a stress-free wedding and here’s what they had to say.

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Expert advice on planning an accessible and disability-friendly wedding

We asked experts how to plan an accessible and disability-friendly wedding and WOW. There were so many great tips we had to break it up into four categories: wedding venue accessibility, accessible seating, sensory-friendly wedding tips, and other accessibility concerns. If you’re considering the needs of your guests with disabilities and want to make sure they’re comfortable at your celebration, you’re going to want to bookmark this post ASAP!

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How to choose your wedding colors for a non-traditional wedding

Choosing your wedding colors is arguably the funnest part of wedding planning! Can’t decide between romantic pastels, bold and vibrant tones, or elegant neutral wedding color schemes? Let’s talk all things color to help you get some wedding color ideas going! We’re diving into how to select the right wedding color schemes for your preferred vibes, color symbolism, and color trends for non-traditional weddings.

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Is getting married on a holiday a good idea?

Considering getting married on a holiday? There’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking about a holiday wedding, like guest availability or even finding vendors to help. We’ll get into why getting married on a holiday is a great plan, plus ideas for holiday celebrations like 4th of July weddings, Christmas weddings, Thanksgiving weddings, and more!