Rent a big yellow school bus for your wedding party

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If you've got a honking big wedding party or a small number of guests and need a budget-friendly way to get around, think about using a big yellow school bus. It's often one of the cheaper ways to cart around a big group (up to around 60 people), and adds some nostalgia to the trip. Plus, big yellow bus = cool photos, like at Melanie and Justin's wedding above and Casey and Adam's below.


Check out Durham School Services or use a bus locator like to find your sweet retro ride.

venues: Durham School Services

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  1. My sister did this for her wedding and it was a blast! All the bridal party got tipsy on the ride from the ceremony to the reception. And the pianist did some amazing freestyle raps for some reason. And they made us all little jugs of rum and coke!

  2. A local radio station actually bought and decked out a bus and put a big metal mustache on it and named it the Bustache. It’s rentable for weddings which I thought would be pretty hilarious. Plus they apparently have a ton of kick-ass equipment in it and it comes with a driver.

  3. I am a bus driver for Boone County Schools. I was thinking about having a School bus take us from the Big Bonr Baptist Church to Twin Oaks Golf Coarse where the wedding reception is being held. Also need the same bus to run a shuttle service between the recpetion to nearby Hotel where my guess are staying. this is on Dec. 27 2014

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