OPEN THREAD: are you wearing a special wedding night outfit?

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Are you wearing a special wedding night outfit? As seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #weddingnight
We have a full DIY tutorial for these wedding night underwear.
The random thought of “Do I need to buy wedding night PJs?” popped in my head. What on earth do I buy? I hate sleeping in nothing, definitely won't be sleeping in the pretty underwear either. Do I go comfy or silk nightgown? -Charlotte

Oh, wedding night lingerie. Do you really need to wear anything special on your wedding night? Absolutely not. But if you're a more theatrical type and you WANT to wear something special, there are certainly plenty of options…

DIY undies

We have the full tutorial for those I (like to) DO (it) undies up there. You can learn how to make 'em yourself, right here.

Geeky underwear

Are you wearing a special wedding night outfit? As seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #weddingnight

Yep, you can go the full geeky with these garters from Etsy seller Voluscious.


Simply sexy. Simply comfortable. These simple yet irresistible Edwardian bloomers are made of soft 100% cotton fabric with a comfortable elastic waist. The ruffled hem has an elastic band, delicate lace trim and bows on the side. Wear with our matching camisole or a sexy white corset for vintage chic.

If you want to go the full dress up, of course there are options like these Edwardian Bloomers… they manage to be a bit fantastical without feeling too, well, porny. (Not that there's anything wrong with porny knickers! We just like a little variety in our dress-up….)

Super sexy

Undressed by Starkers Corsetry seen on Offbeat Bride

If you DO want to go more traditionally seductive for your wedding night, longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor Starkers Corsetry has recently started making THUPER THEXY bra and panty sets as part of their Undressed line. The staff of Offbeat Bride may or may not be acting as guinea pigs for new designs. They may or may not be developing a pair of underwear called The Ariel.


Bride pajamas as seen on Offbeat Bride

Yeah, there are a million personalized wedding pajamas out there, but these are perhaps the most straight-forward and super comfy.

Unicorn onesie

Unicorn onesie as seen on Offbeat Brideir?t=offbeatbride 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B016GJ96T4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Dude, why not?


Are you wearing a special wedding night outfit? As seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #weddingnight
Photo by VY Intimate Photography

Yep, that's a great option too!

These are just a few of the options we've seen out there… what are YOU wearing on your wedding night? Bonus points for sharing a link!

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Comments on OPEN THREAD: are you wearing a special wedding night outfit?

  1. This wasn’t something that crossed my mind lol, I bought something something scandalous for the beginning of the wedding night, but then changed into a pair of comfy old pjs for the actual sleeping. As with everything, if you want to do it, and have fun with it, if you don’t, don’t worry about it. At the end of the day I wanted to be comfy so that’s what I did.

  2. I’ll most likely wear my usual PJ’s, but I’ll pack some more fun and saucy things to surprise my FH with on our honeymoon.

  3. #teamnaked all the way but now I’m swooning over the undressed lingerie from starkers so thanks for that

  4. When this popped in my head, I asked my FH (at the time) if he was expecting anything fancy the night of the wedding. He was confused and I told him that some people wear silky fancy nighties and then proceeded to show him pictures. He kind of laughed and said no. Just the regular pjs are fine. He asked if guys wear special stuff and I laughed told him that I didn’t know. He said as long as he can rip off the dress that night, he’ll be happy. That sounded like a plan to me haha!

  5. You may want to discuss expectations with your future spouse. From my incredibly limited discussion with my parents about their wedding night (just typing that squicks me out so badly), my mom bought my father special wedding PJs and he’s not a special PJs kind of guy. So he was uncomfortable in the PJs because he couldn’t say no to his brand-new wife, and he was unsure about whether or not he was expected to just go to sleep in said PJs or if wedding night sexiness would occur. (OMG PASS THE BRAIN BLEACH)

    Other possibilities are that your future spouse may actually have something in mind that they want you to wear (like a specific costume or color) or may have something that they specifically don’t want you to wear (like something that’s difficult to take off or too expensive to destroy). So if you’re planning something special, make sure it’s going to be received as something special. This is especially important if you and your future spouse don’t currently sleep together and/or haven’t had sex.

    • THIS! exactly this.
      personally, we were both too tired and alcohol-hazed to do more than collapse into bed on the actual wedding night, but we’d also talked explicitly about expectations several times leading up and knew going in that we would take it as a happy bonus if we felt up to anything more than that.

      those conversations also allowed me to let go of feeling like choosing a sexy outfit was one more stressful “to do” in the final weeks since it didn’t matter to my partner either – YMMV, but you won’t know unless you have some conversation with your partner about it earlier on.

  6. Special wedding night lingerie/pjs never ever crossed my mind! Then, right before our wedding, my friend surprised me with a gift. She gave me the perfect pjs: elegant, comfy, and subtly sexy. I was so touched–they were exactly right. I hope to return the favor for a busy bride someday! 🙂

  7. My mom is dead set on buying me fanceeee pajamas for my wedding night, despite the fact that I’ve told her that I’ll be lucky to remember to get undressed before falling asleep. Besides I normally sleep in tank tops and undies, maybe pajama pants if I’m cold. Add into the problem that my hips and thighs are bordering on plus size and it makes finding pajamas that she likes and I don’t hate very difficult.

  8. I didn’t do anything special. Packed an old pair of pj and pants (and I mean OLD … like got them when I was 15 and now I’m 28 OLD) and a tank top. We got changed after the wedding just like at home and then sat on the bed and opened cards for two hours. I didn’t talk with my husband about it beforehand, but I think I did say when we got back to the hotel that I hoped he wasn’t expecting anything special because there wouldn’t be!

    • “but I think I did say when we got back to the hotel that I hoped he wasn’t expecting anything special because there wouldn’t be!”

      Ouch 0_0

  9. At the opposite of many here, it never crossed my mind NOT to have something special for the wedding night. I have been in love with sexy lingerie, lacy stuff, silk nighties since I was teenager (I’m 35). I wear nighties every night. The strechy and confortable kind, not the corset, underwire bras or stiff kind.
    So I am planning to wear an ivory nighty that has strechy lace bands.

    • Honestly, even though I married (at 43) the guy I’d been with for almost 20 years, it never occurred to me NOT to have something special either! Gotta shake things up, right?

      To avoid getting stressed about it, my sister took me shopping in July for my September wedding. It was a fun sister thing to do together, and I was excited to have fun things to wear (even though we were too tired and drunk for much of anything on our actual wedding night….I was golden for the honeymoon!).

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