Boudoir photos for LA’s geeks, freaks, and eccentrics from VY Intimate Photography

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Offbeat boudoir photography from VY Intimate photography
It's “we love boobs day” on Offbeat Bride! So you've done the hard task of finding your fabulous-fitting wedding undergarments, but before you throw on that wedding dress, let's talk boudoir photos. Our sponsor VY Intimate Photography does boudoir photography in Los Angeles.

Vanessa, the photographer, LOVES Offbeat Brides. She said, “Nerds, geeks, freaks, the eccentric, the wild, the retro — come to me. But better yet, come to me in a hot outfit to show off your super sexy self!”

Let's talk more about boobs, babes, boudoir photography, and a bonus discount from VY Intimate Photography.

OH! This may be super-obvious, but since this a post about boudoir photography, some of these images coming up are NSFW…

VY intimate photography

If the idea of doing a boudoir shoot makes you feel nervous, well… Vanessa is the offbeat boudoir photographer that you've been looking for! Feel free to bring your quirk to the photography shoot — whether that means donning some awesome steampunk lingerie and aviator goggles, or maybe you're more comfortable being sexy while wearing nothing but a Minecraft t-shirt and heels. She's even done retro pinup shoots featuring a Portal companion cube.

So we've figured out what to wear; now let's talk about what to do with those boudoir photos. Your incredibly sexy photos make an incredibly tantalizing wedding gift — after all, what fiancé or fiancée doesn't love getting some steamy photos right before they walk down the aisle? It's also a great gift idea for you already-marrieds for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Plus, as Vanessa put it: “It's just a whole lot of fun and I pride myself on helping people feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.”

VY inimate photograpy pin up

Now we've got the what and why covered, let's talk about how much. VY Intimate Photography has three pricing packages, all of which can be customized with a variety of add-ons. I'll be honest, I'm eye-balling The Kelly Package something fierce. I'm pretty sure that guy I married would love for me to do more than eye-ball it, too. (Winky wink.) But no matter which package you choose, you can get your boudoir shoot at a special discount:

VY Intimate Photography is offering a 10% discount off of all packages for our readers! To take advantage, just mention that you found Vanessa through Offbeat Bride when you contact her.

boudoir photography from VY Intimate Photography

Fellow Los Angelenos, who's with me on this? Let's all strip down for VY Intimate Photography and have some fun at our very own boudoir shoot!

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Comments on Boudoir photos for LA’s geeks, freaks, and eccentrics from VY Intimate Photography

  1. We are huge fans of boudoir/ pin-up photography. So many brides spend so much time and energy looking their best for their wedding. It’s not only a great way to document all the work they’ve done…but it also makes a wonderful spouse gift.

    • Hey Jess. I love that you’re so passionate about portrayals of plus size bodies! I hope you know that we’re committed to showing a range of body types in our posts… but I’m not sure it’s fair to assume that every single post will reflect every single body type.

      • “…but I’m not sure it’s fair.”

        Why do your readers owe you fairness? She is just expressing her disappointment.

  2. Well, first “Plus-size” is really not just ONE body type, there’s a whole range there.

    Also, I don’t know where the US population is at right now, but I’m fairly sure about 30 % of the Canadian population is plus-size.

    Being a plus-size woman myself, and having been encouraged by posts on this site to think of Boudoir as a possibility for me too (with the right photographer), well having a post with no plus-size example pictures (in fact, none of them are even a little chubby), I’m not encouraged to think of that sponsor as a possibility for me…or that other 30 % of people. Which is not to say VY Intimate Photography couldn’t be a great choice for plus-size people too (I just don’t know), it’s just that looking at the pictures above with people of all very similar slim body types, I don’t feel like I’d be their kind of client. And you know, that’s not great for advertising on a site that values diversity (and so, has a very diverse readership).

    I’m not saying this is a bad sponsored post, and certainly not saying anything about the sponsor. I’m just saying that if you do welcome that great segment of population that is plus-sized, then maybe it would be a good idea to vary the pictures next time. Because right now, I don’t feel like boudoir photography is for everyone who feels like it, and that’s not what you want from an ad.

    • Aldebrana, I just wanted to pipe up and say I really like the tone and angle of your comment. I feel you could have come at it from a snarky perspective, but instead you chose to say “hey business, here’s a pretty significant group of people you can access with more inclusive advertising”. Very cool! (Though Alex’s point of the business maybe not having those photos yet is totally valid.) I work at a fitness company that strives to be really inclusive, and that’s always the argument I use with our operations managers when building strategies to get people into the gym who you might not normally see there in our communities (people with a disability, parents of small children, people with mental health issues, some plus size people, etc). Not only is it the socially just thing to do, it’s also just a good business strategy! (More potential customers equals more potential revenue!)

  3. These are gorgeous!

    Re: plus size gals, for a boudoir photographer to have plus size ladies in their portfolio, it requires them to have had plus size clients who are comfortable enough to let the photographer use their photos for advertising. If this particular photographer hasn’t had any clients like that yet, she may not have any photos like that that she can show. It’s kind of a catch-22. Over on her site there is a wider range of body types as well, and I’m guessing by her open-minded attitude that she’d do a great job (plus- speaking from my very brief stint as a boudoir photographer- shooting a curvy girl in a burlesquey corset is fun as hell and I think most photogs would jump at the chance! Pin up perfection.)

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