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Long Edwardian bloomers alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A few months back, I did a post about slightly sinister plus-size honeymoon lingerie and y'all seemed to like it. I figured I'd do another quicky post featuring some more undergarment gorgeousness, this time focusing on bloomers, knickers, and other sexypants.

Now, I know a lot of you browse Offbeat Wed at work, and I just gotta say: this is probably a post for you to save to read until later this weekend. I mean, there's no bare boobs or anything, but there is some serious come-hither glancing going on. Read the full post at your own peril/pleasure.

Let's talk cotton bloomers. These longer ones can be great to go under a full-skirted wedding dress if you're wanting to avoid thigh chafing or overheating — or just want to add a little vintage fullness.

Alternately, these shorter ones coupled with a corset make for vintage-tinged sexy times on the honeymoon:

Edwardian Cotton Lace Short Bloomers alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Made of soft 100% cotton fabric with a comfortable elastic waist. The ruffled hem has an elastic band, delicate lace trim and bows on the side. Wear with a matching camisole or white corset for sexy toymes.

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Comments on Wedding bloomers and knickers

  1. I totally scored my wedding lingerie from Hips and Curves plus size section. Just make sure you’re checking the size charts, or better yet get one of their sales reps on the phone – their sizing can be hit or miss. I got some of those adorable cheeky ruffle panties with a garter and they were waaaay too small.

    • Totally agree. I got my wedding night lingerie from hips and curves and the corset was too big. Do your homework first!

  2. Definite thank you for this (and the first article, too). I’m loving the steampunk flair in these (and the rhumba panties are too freaking cute).

  3. Does anyone know a good website for a US size 10? I’m not curvy enough to purchase these, but I’m a little too curvy and a little too offbeat for stores like Victoria’s Secret. (I wish there was more of a market for my size — I feel like I’m stuck in the middle!)

  4. I’ll be wearing bloomers under my wedding dress!! We’re riding off on his motorcycle after the reception, and I wanted something pretty to wear under my chaps =D

  5. Beautiful! I looked for bloomers like these but couldn’t find them so I had to wear pantyhose to avoid chafing.

  6. This lingerie is so cute! Is it only for curvey girls, though? I’m sadly shaped like a 12 year old boy.

    • I’m five seven and 110lbs, kinda boyish here too, they fit me fine. Also she makes bustles bloomers too!

  7. I am totally ignorant to the ways of bloomers, so I’m wondering how wearing them under a skirt keeps you cool. It seems to me that they would do the opposite because it’s another layer you’re wearing.

    • Cotton bloomers can keep thighs from rubbing together, getting sweaty, and chafing. 🙂

      • I thought I was the only one who had this problem! I was planning on wearing sweater tights (depending on how cold it is), but these bloomers are so darn cute! And what’s that? Why yes I do happen to have a pattern for victorian style chemises and bloomers…

  8. I went with Hips and Curves for my honeymoon wear. In fact, I got that exact set of Edwardian bloomers and camisole! It was super comfy, while at the same time I felt cute, sexy, and romantic. 🙂

  9. I love the vintage style Hips and Curves has, but my curves are rather smaller. Does anyone know of a similarly styled line that has sizes I can wear (even better if small girls with large bosoms are catered to)?

  10. So I just wanted to say that I wear knickers on a regular basis. If I had enough to wear them everyday I would! I think that underwear doesn’t get any sexier than that. They truly always feel like my own fun little secret and I was so excited to see them listed FTW!

  11. I wore Victorian bloomers on my wedding day (at the height of summer), and as a plus size lady, let me tell you – They were awesome! No thigh rubbing or riding up – just full on awesomeness. I had mine made from an Etsy seller with thigh ribbons that matched my colour scheme. And they looked amazing with my basque and Star Wars garter 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for posting this! Im getting hitched in a few months and soooo needed a good place to get nice plus sized lingerie…

  13. I wore some super soft white bloomers with cute little pink bows underneath my wedding dress partly because they look better with a corset than a thong does. And I just find old-fashioned undergarments to be MUCH more comfortable. In fact, I still wear my wedding bloomers to bed sometimes. (Tee hee!) 😉

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