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We get LOTS of wedding advice questions from readers, and while we always recommend doing a search of our 5000+ posts in our archives (we’ve covered a LOT of territory over the years!), sometimes we get stumped. That’s when we open the question up to readers in open threads to ask y’all… what are YOU doing? If you’d like to submit a question or a topic for an open thread, email us!

How honest should I be with acquaintances about wedding planning?

How honest should I be with acquaintances about wedding planning?

This morning a coworker of mine with whom I am friendly but don’t see very often bustled over to me to ask about the wedding. So I told her how I was really feeling, and I got the impression that just wasn’t what she wanted to hear. How do you handle wedding planning oversharing with coworkers and acquaintances?

In-laws name alternatives as seen on @offbeatbride

OPEN THREAD: are there in-laws name alternatives instead of just “the in-laws?”

Monster in-laws, the evil in-laws… it’s absolutely true that society has demonized the term in-laws into something that isn’t exactly reflective of reality. I’m all for embracing terms with formerly negative connotation and reforming them with positivity, but sometimes it’s just not practical for daily use. Do any of you call your partner’s family by something other than the in-laws?

i do panties alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

OPEN THREAD: are you wearing a special wedding night outfit?

“Do I need to buy wedding night PJs?” popped in my head. What on earth do I buy? I hate sleeping in nothing, definitely won’t be sleeping in the pretty underwear either. Do I go comfy or silk nightgown?” Oh, wedding night lingerie. Do you really need to wear anything special on your wedding night? Absolutely not. But if you’re a more theatrical type and you WANT to wear something special, there are certainly plenty of options…

getting body shamed by anti body shamers alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

OPEN THREAD: I’m getting body shamed by anti-body shamers

I am getting married this year and, while I love my curves, I want to feel comfortable in my strapless dress — having never showed that much skin in my life. So I made the personal choice to join a gym and eat better. Now I now find myself the recipient of passive aggressive comments from self-proclaimed anti-shamers. I don’t feel like I’m getting support for my choices from the people I need it the most: my fellow curvy brides. How do I express to them that I feel like they are actually shaming me?

Anyone else struggling with already feeling engaged while not officially engaged alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Anyone else struggling with FEELING engaged while not officially engaged?

My boyfriend and I frequently talk about getting married — to the point that we have already decided on a wedding date, a venue for both ceremony and receptions, bridal parties, and guest list. But he has yet to pop the question. So while I’m feeling guilty about being twenty yards ahead, he feels guilty being twenty yards behind. I’m struggling with already FEELING engaged while not quite officially being there yet. How do I slow down this crazy wedding train?!

do i need to rent highchairs for my wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

OPEN THREAD: Forget regular chairs, do we need to rent highchairs at our wedding?

Oh my goodness, the RSVP’s are coming in and we’re super-excited. Except that our effort to make our weekend wedding all-inclusive and family-friendly means that parents are asking whether we can provide high chairs at the summer camp resort we’ve rented. Is that the kind of thing we should have considered? Is there a nice way of saying “Dude, I wasn’t even going to drop $3 per person to rent a chair for YOUR awesome ass — everyone is getting a rusted old folding chair, and your baby will eat on the floor LIKE A DOG”?