Take “wedding in the round” to the next level: set up stations for your ceremony

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You've probably at least heard of the term “wedding in the round” before. If you haven't, no judgment — we've got you covered. In a typical wedding in the round, guests surround the couple for the duration of the ceremony. Sometimes guests are seated, sometimes they stand, sometimes they're arrayed in a circle around the couple, and we've even seen them arranged in a spiral!

Adam and Lynn went a step further. A few steps actually. They walked around the circle themselves, stopping at different stations to complete their ceremony. I'll let Lynn describe it herself:

“… each set of the attendants were stationed a few feet apart to create a circle within the tables of guests. We began at our officiant, who began the ceremony, and then we proceeded to each set of attendants. Each set performed a piece of the ceremony; readings, vows, rings, etc. We completed the circle by ending up back at our officiant who… pronounced us man and wife. Everyone felt very involved, and it made it so personal.”

I love this idea especially if you've got a ton of people you'd love to include in your wedding. What an intentional way to really focus on each aspect of your ceremony!

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  1. An intriguing idea. I really like how it would make the ceremony more involved for the guests (and hopefully less boring!)

  2. This is so timely for me! We wanted to involve a bunch of people in our ceremony, and I was trying to figure out how we’re going to do that smoothly without looking like a high school graduation. I didn’t want people to sit at tables during the ceremony, but this has me reconsidering. Hm!

  3. I love this idea. It is so original and a personal touch I’ve never seen performed at a wedding before. I particularly like how it incorporates the individuals who are most important in the couple’s lives.

  4. I went to a Masonic wedding like this. They had different deacons perform different parts of the ceremony, and it was pretty cool!

  5. Seriously? This is the first time I’ve heard about this “wedding in the round.” This is a good idea and I’m now thinking to include this in wedding planning in Hong Kong. How about setting up the chairs in a circle and having the wedding arch in the middle? That would be really cool like One Heart Wedding did in of their wedding productions.

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