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wedding in the round

A “wedding in the round” means that the wedding guests sit in a circle or a spiral around the couple getting married. It’s a unique seating arrangement for an alternative wedding, and this archive is full of inspiration and ideas for how to make it yours!

A 13-color handfasting and fire dancing at this Quebec wiccan wedding

So you’ve been invited to a pagan wedding (Part 2 of our Pagan Wedding Guide)

Hooray! You’ve been invited to a pagan wedding! We’re so excited for you. That said, depending on your background or your beliefs, you might feel a little confused. What’s in store? Why is everyone standing in a circle? Are we talking about gods?

Our big gay pagan rainbow woodland festival wedding

Our big gay pagan rainbow woodland festival wedding

We had guests from as far apart as Japan, California, and Germany. We tried to invoke all the things we loved in our wedding day — geeky nods to Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Jonathan Coulton, and the Lord of the Rings; the Obergefell v Hodges ruling for Jess's career and theatrical touches for mine. We asked our guests to wear 'whatever makes you feel pretty.' We then celebrated with ice cream, lawn games, and street food, and ended the evening with a ceilidh and session. Oh, and there was an owl, and llamas.

MG 2863copy2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A New York farm-to-table wedding at the couple’s own farm

Zan and Dave built a barn for the reception(!), cleared land for their Quaker Silent Meeting ceremony, and raised chickens to be served for a true farm-to-table wedding. It was truly a rural wonderland of animals, dancing, fairy lights, and a kick-ass undercut on the bride. It’s a must-see…

A magical wedding with Labyrinth walk and surprise leis

A magical Lands End wedding with Labyrinth walk and surprise leis

The week that Risa was to give birth to their daughter, Risa and Jeremy decided to explore Lands End and walk the labyrinth located on the cliffs. They took in the sights and talked about the next chapter of their lives, ultimately deciding that the Lands End Labyrinth would be perfect for a small wedding. They invited just their close family for their May Day wedding.

Gorgeous greenhouse backyard wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

See the most beautiful backyard greenhouse wedding (with self-uniting musical ceremony!)

Emily and Mike had a gorgeous self-uniting ceremony where they performed all their own vows as well as music during the ceremony. With feminist overtones and a backyard greenhouse setting, it was a sight to see. Between the FABULOUS centerpieces, greenhouse-inspired decor, and the ceremony in the round, you do not want to miss this loveliness.

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12 ways a wedding in the round makes you feel surrounded by love

Want to surround yourself with love (and your actual loved ones)? A wedding in the round is a kick-ass way to give all your guests a great view, avoid aisle-walking drama, and totally buck tradition in terms of a big, straight aisle. Let’s feast our eyes on some of our favorite weddings in the round to inspire you to round up your guests in a big ceremony hug.