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wedding in the round

A “wedding in the round” means that the wedding guests sit in a circle or a spiral around the couple getting married. It’s a unique seating arrangement for an alternative wedding, and this archive is full of inspiration and ideas for how to make it yours!

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Superheroes, spiral ceremony, and a three-dad giveaway at Jade & Tyler’s wedding

In addition to three dad figures walking the bride down the aisle, we’ve got an amazing spiral-shaped ceremony for the ultimate wedding-in-the-round. Add in a sweet first look (with private vows), a first public kiss for the pair, paper flower bouquets, and an ice cream bar, and we’re seeing the best combination of tradition and offbeat touches. Don’t miss the superhero toss, too!

Take “wedding in the round” to the next level: set up stations for your ceremony

In a typical wedding in the round, guests surround the couple for the duration of the ceremony. Sometimes guests are seated, sometimes they stand, sometimes they’re arrayed in a circle around the couple, and we’ve even seen them arranged in a spiral! Adam and Lynn went a step further. A few steps actually. They walked around the circle themselves, stopping at different stations to complete their ceremony.

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Nathalie & Stephen’s family-friendly, on their own farm wedding

Hosting a wedding on your farm can be a whole lot of work, and this one was no exception. But when there’s a barn built in 1955 and an old farm house at your disposal, how can you not? Get ready for games, dogs, smudging at the ceremony, and a truly beautiful ceremony in the round.

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Offbeat Bride’s guide to pagan weddings (Part 1 everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!)

So you’ve been invited to a Pagan wedding. Modern Paganism is a recreation of the indigenous spiritual traditions of Europe. It has been heavily influenced by modern values and ethics, such as feminism and environmentalism. So please don’t fear that you may witness an animal sacrifice at a Pagan ritual; many of us are vegan and are strong supporters of animal rights! But it might help to give you an overview on what to expect…

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Aimee & Jon’s garden tea party pagan wedding

This week we’re celebrating woodsy, outdoor weddings before it gets too cold. Today we’ve got a UK wedding focused on keeping things eco-friendly, educational for non-pagans, and full of music. With a handmade corset dress, a ceremony in the round, and a forest setting, this pair totally knows how to do fun, frolic, and rock ‘n’ roll out in the wilderness.

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Ally & James’ crafty country bike-themed wedding

This pair wanted to stay true to themselves despite overwhelming pressure from friends and family. But they found the right balance between pressure and advice and totally made it work. We’re now looking at a gorgeous outdoor wedding-in-the-round, bicycle-themed decor, and a two-day celebration that allowed for a reception free from anxiety.