11 wedding cake fails so bad they’re good

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Wedding cake fails so bad they're good as seen on @offbeatbride
Starting out with awesome: these cupcakes are the OPPOSITE of failing. Via Lost in Internet

What's one love we share with the rest of the world? DIY fails. We love 'em and who can blame us since we've probably all failed at one Pinterest project or another and are on DIY burnout mode. We also love when we see wedding cake fails that fall so hard they've turned a corner into being awesome anyway. Let's celebrate cakes that just didn't make the cut to Pinterest-hood but we'd give a big hug to anyway. Poor li'l sad cakes.

If you need some real food porn to cleanse your palate, peruse our whole archive of cakey goodness.

Wedding cake fails so bad they're good as seen on @offbeatbride

Rainbow bus cake fail seen over on Offbeat Home & Life

Okay, so nobody's calling this severed head cake a fail, but we just wanted to include its epicness anyway for REASONS.

I love sushi. I would probably eat some of this cake. Although how long had that been sitting out? Moving along now…

A huge buncha traditional cakes all jammed together into a giant monster cake set to take over the Wedding Industrial Complex? Oh hell yes. This is the most meta thing we've seen all day.

Peep heads are never wrong. NEVER. Peeps on everything, imo.

These are clearly sand castles and are clearly amazing.

Oh, let's do one more of these for the funs:


Just embrace the metaphor of this cake and you'll begin to love it like we do.

Rich Uncle Pennybags has never graced anything bad, therefore this is rich af.


Just because it's true doesn't mean you have to put it on a cake, Brad! SOB.

More baking fails, you say?

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    • I have the same duck pan! You did better than me- I couldn’t even get my cake out of it so it fell apart. Might give it another go after a thorough greasing!

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