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Wedding humor is totally a real thing — because, sometimes all you can do is laugh at the ridiculousness of the wedding industry, wedding planning, and family drama.

a cyberpunk non binary unicorn getting married under a neon sign in Seattle digital art alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

AI-generated wedding vows and 4 other trends of the robopocalypse

2023 is officially the year of the deranged chatbot, so the obvious question at the forefront of everyone’s mind is “How can I get that deranged chatbot to do my work for me?” Let’s talk AI-generated wedding vows!

Funny Christmas card engagement: How a racy "dudoir" Christmas card turned into a new funny card tradition (and an engagement!)

How a racy Christmas card turned into a new funny card tradition (and an engagement!)

I heard a very silly tale that turned out to be pretty damned romantic that I just had to share. Alyssa saw a hilarious “dudoir” Christmas card that piqued her interest. This led to a new relationship, new tradition of creative Christmas cards, and an eventual proposal.

Here’s the whole tale from Alyssa herself…

"Every wedding speech ever": Will you be seeing any of these stereotypes giving speeches at your wedding?

“Every wedding speech ever”: Will any of these stereotypes show up in your wedding toasts?

College Humor recently took on the task of skewering ye olde wedding toast. From your long-winded bestie to your cranky-about-paying dad to your emotional mother of the groom, no typical toastmaster was spared in this parody.

Clearly not all of us will be dealing with these stereotypes at the reception or pre-wedding parties, but certainly we can all use a good chuckle about the dreaded task of making a speech, right?

high-flying wedding photographer

When your wedding photographer goes mid-orbit to get that epic shot

We spied this high-flying shot by Ashley Fisher Photography of her seriously committed second shooter Ray Prop going full 747 to catch a Herculean shot of the groomsmen. That’s one solid way to get real reactions from your subjects!

This guy trying on a wedding dress is ALL OF US

This guy trying on a wedding dress is ALL OF US

Offbeat couples wear all kinds of outfits on their wedding day, from dapper suits to hugh jass multicolored gowns straight from fashion week. And of course, a whole bunch of them wear a traditional white dress. And that’s amazing. You do you, boo. Even if you’re not planning on rocking a white cupcake froth-fest on your wedding day, it CAN be pretty fun to try one on just for the hell of it. This is exactly what YouTuber Zack Arad did. And he luuuuurved it.

Let’s take a peek at this guy having all his dreams come true in the form of a wedding dress…

Giraffe Photo Bombs Wedding

Cheer up your day with some of the best wedding photobombs you’ll ever see

We put out the call to our amazing offbeat vendors to see who had the holy grail of photo shots: the elusive and magical PHOTOBOMB! We love ’em and can’t get enough.

Let me fill your day with animals dropping in, guests nabbing the spotlight, bicycles flying past, and tourists getting in on portraits. There’s even a Disney-themed “photobomb” you won’t want to miss…