This guy trying on a wedding dress is ALL OF US

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This guy trying on a wedding dress is ALL OF US

Offbeat couples wear all kinds of outfits on their wedding day, from dapper suits to hugh jass multicolored gowns straight from fashion week. And of course, a whole bunch of them wear a traditional white dress. And that's amazing. You do you, boo.

Even if you're not planning on rocking a white cupcake froth-fest on your wedding day, it CAN be pretty fun to try one on just for the hell of it. This is exactly what YouTuber Zack Arad did. And he luuuuurved it.

Let's take a peek at this guy having all his dreams come true in the form of a wedding dress:


Here are a few of my favorite lines from the vid…

“It comes in this beautiful wedding dress pouch!”

“What the heck-y!”

“This is like… human cupcake.”

“Too fricking strong for wedding dresses!”

“I feel so fluffy and so pretty.”

Don't miss the Mean Girls reference AND how he adorably mistakes the dress hanging ribbons for straps. Bless.

Who else had a big white wedding dress moment? Did you end up wearing or heading off in a different direction?

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