DIY Fail: When your Cake Pops turn out like Vomit Blobs

Guest post by Ang

IMG 3118 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Seems to be that lately every single wedding has a DIY component. It's gotten to the point where you feel like you're doing something wrong if you don't sew/glue/tie/cut/bedazzle some aspect of decor/favors/invites/apparel.

There's a dark seedy price that you have to pay for all that charm. Dude, this crap is HARD, and don't let Martha Stewart or the billions of crafters on Etsy tell you any different.

Many are the brides who've had this realization while curled in the fetal position, glitter smeared on their faces, failed projects in disheveled disarray around them.

Yes, I have had these experiences.

Wanna hear about one?

Enter… The Cake Pops.

I'm sure you've seen them. I've been a fan of Bakerella from way back, you know, when she started in 2007 which is like 400 in online years & ADORE her. Her cake pops were adorable and SO easy! How hard could it be? [Insert Doom Song]

About 6 months pre wedding day
I sent my mom the website. We ooo'ed and aww'ed appropriately, bought all the supplies, and prepared for a day of bonding.

Here are the cake making supplies, in case you didn't realize what they looked like.

IMG 1399 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Candy triptych alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

After we got into the actual process of making said cake bites, the picture taking stopped. First the bowl was too small. So we got a bigger bowl. Then the frosting was sticking everywhere EXCEPT the cake dust, so I had to use my hands, which isn't THAT big of a deal, but Bakerella did not tell me how totally adhesive this crap is. I don't know HOW, but it ended up on the ceiling, inside the drawers, inside my cleavage, and in my hair. But I persevered, I was domestic gumption personified, and eventually I had a thoroughly mixed bowl of quasi viscous cake goo. (Not to be confused with quasi vicious cake goo, although at this point they both would apply)

I dimly remembered something about “don't handle the cake too much or your body heat will blah blah,” but the OCD in me must have perfectly round cake balls. No sooner did I victoriously set down a perfect sphere of moist delectable cake, then it'd crack in half. Sometimes they'd hold together for a whopping 10 seconds before they'd crumble from the stress of having another one placed next to it. They had become defiant little black sawdust balls of death.
Evil Black Cake Balls-Perverts

Keep in mind that you're supposed to get forty-five to fifty cake balls out of this. Between the kamikaze cake splooge and the ones that weren't structurally sound. I got this many.
Stage 3

You can count them if you want. There's thirty-eight. “That's not too bad” you might be thinking, but about six of them decided they couldn't handle life on the inside, and promptly disintegrated in the freezer.

Ignorant of this, I had moved on to the candy melts. The orange candy melts are day glo radioactive orange, not the rustic pumpkin inspired thing I was going for, I figured, “Hey, add some brown, get a nice earth toned orange.” Right?

No. It goes more like this:

  1. Put mostly orange and a little brown.
  2. Get radioactive orange.
  3. Add more brown.
  4. Get slightly less radioactive orange.
  5. Add half bag of brown, realize the bowl is too small, transfer melted chocolate and gooey partially melted chocolate to bigger bowl.
  6. Have light brown chocolate.
  7. Commence minor freak out.
  8. Add more orange.
  9. Wonder why clear liquid seems to be leaking out the top.
  10. Wish you paid attention in Chemistry.
  11. Wonder if this has anything to do with Chemistry.
  12. Notice bag says “Don't melt too much or candy melts will separate”.
  13. Attempt to throw out melted chocolate.
    Cake Pops alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
    Everyone was too traumatized to take a pic of me parking my ass in a puddle of chocolate with a giant red burn blister on my arm, so I illustrated it for you.
  14. Burn self and spill chocolate, making sure to cover all areas not already encrusted with dried cake splooge.
  15. Sit on floor (in puddle of chocolate) and cry.
  16. Try to fill useless candy bottle with brown chocolate by use of careful pouring.
  17. Make huge mess.
  18. Scrape spilled chocolate back into bowl because your stupid parents live in the middle of nowhere and you have no more candy melts.
  19. Fill bottle Β½ inch.
  20. Use bottle to fill 1 Β½ candy molds before bottle becomes blocked.
  21. Throw bottle away in fit of rage.
  22. Throw other innocent unused bottle away before it has the opportunity to insult you.
  23. Use spoons to fill rest of candy molds, making sure to drip everywhere so mold resembles solid mass of chocolate.

By the time the cake balls came out of the freezer, I had gotten to the numbness point. The last stage before drooling, cackling wildly, running up and down the street naked, then being driven away in a soft comfy van driven by large friendly men who would give me a pretty jacket.

The final stage was the candy molds I had gotten were way too shallow. If I possessed a dipping spoon things might have been different, but I didn't, so there was a lot of fingers being dipped in chocolate, half assembled cake bites being dropped in chocolate, and hardened chocolate bases melting from being held too tightly. We only had twenty-four survivors, and they weren't pretty.
Poor Buggers

In a last ditch effort to save them, I dipped a spoon in chocolate and flung half hearted decorative swirls all over the countertop, incidentally hitting a few of the cake bites.
Half Hearted Swirls

End result? Epic DIY fail.

One day I might attempt them again, but even if I don't, I'm still awesome, and my wedding was awesome. So even if your 1,000 origami cranes look like a pile of sweaty colorful spit wads, or your felt bouquet resembles the home-ec project of a well-intentioned color-blind ungulate, YOU ARE STILL FUCKING AWESOME.

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Comments on DIY Fail: When your Cake Pops turn out like Vomit Blobs

  1. Oh my god. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! I have had thoughts of DIY stamping candles. I’m sure this will be a complete nightmare, but right now I’m almost looking forward to my hilarious story similar to this that I will write after I fail them.

    Thank you!!! This made my DAY!

  2. Thankyouthankyouthankyou…All I can say is thank you. As a DIY bride a week away from her wedding and on the verge of losing it on a few projects I needed to read this – and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Well written, hilarious, touching. Thank you so much for sharing and for the boost. πŸ™‚

  3. Glad to see that your cake pops escapades went slightly better than mine. I finally figured it out and have been successful in future attempts. But the first time, having two young kids helping on top of everything, it was a stressful occasion.

    The icing on the cake (ha!) was that I did about 40 red and green cake balls (that I thought was cute) and was informed by my fiance that they looked like santa/grinch balls.

    Oh and don’t get me started on my pretty tray of cookies that I managed to dump in the driveway walking up to our friends christmas party… lol. Thank you for the reminder that things sometimes suck, but the stories are fantastic! πŸ™‚

    • Actually, I’ve been thinking of failsafe ways to make the cake bites. I did try the actual pops a few weeks before the wedding, but that was an atrocious fail and was edited out for content purposes πŸ˜› I’m terrified to think of sending children to therapy when I started hucking them (cake balls, not kids) across the room…

      If he wants Grinch balls, roll them in coconut mixed with green food coloring. Muwahahaha.

      • That is kinda what I was thinking about the balls, but I didn’t want to comment.

      • I may just have to reprise the grinch and santa balls, which were festive and I thought were quite cute. But this time roll them in colored coconut this year. I know it would crack up my fiance, but I’d also love to see the looks on my coworkers faces when I bring them to the Christmas party.

        “What?! They are cake… just pop the whole thing in your mouth, it’s delicious!!”

  4. Ah, I tried using candy melts to do chocolate-covered Oreos that had neat little molds with wedding bells on them and little hearts. I decided to do a test run and I think I got about 5 decent Oreos done before I got a little hostile (i.e. saying aloud “Fuck you and fuck all this. I work for a living. I don’t need this shit.”). Glad to know that some else did not find the candy melts (or their related plastic bottles from hell) very easy to work with.

    • I work part time right now and i have edited my DIY projects down ALOT to make them more realistic, There are just some things I dont need to do and pretty much the majority of the ones I got rid of are food/dessert oriented, I can’t even really eat sweets so the idea of fighting with cake dough or cookies and candy melts just doesn’t make me happy, and this is my happy place when I think about our Handfasting, I refuse to let myself do anything I will hate.

  5. Sounds a lot like my macaron making attempts. I believe they are made with some kind of magic.

  6. YES! THANK YOU-I think we all need to know more about DIY gone crying in your chocolate bad.

    Your sense of humor about the whole situation was a delightful added bonus.

  7. Ahhhhh – this made me laugh! I have totally had this experience, with the cake balls AND of course, other projects too. (DIY is awesome, and all of us are awesome too, but sometimes there is a REASON to give yourself a break and pay a pro…) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, Ang… I wanted desperately to commiserate and feel your pain, but you just made me laugh. And for that, I love you.

  9. Ang,
    Just looking at Cake Pops makes me think “That is way too hard to do.”
    I can’t help but wonder if you tasted your end result and if they tasted good?

    • I did not. Matt did. He said they were amazing and that I should make them “all the time.” I’m being one hundred percent up front and not funny at all when I tell you that was the first time I ever had a facial tic, and I still have it.

      • Dear Lord what a traumatic experience dear!
        Well at least if you learned anything from this, you learned he likes Duncan Hines cake with chocolate frosting.

      • My neighbors and dogs must think I’ve gone round the bend, I’m laughing so hard at this comment.

      • They are pretty tasty if you try them. I mean chocolate, cake and frosting all in one little bite.

  10. I’ve tried the damn cake balls and trust me, yours are picture-effing-perfect next to the piles of dog crap I ended up with!!

  11. I have FINALLY figured out how to make cake balls taste amazingly good. (Hint: Dark chocolate cake mix, caramel frosting, and milk chocolate for the top.) However, I still have no clue on how to make them pretty. And I have made them quite a few times now in my quest for pretty cake balls. I am so glad to know that someone’s first (and only?) time was even worse than mine. Did they at least taste good?

  12. Incidentally, I’ll never be a good baker since I consider anything tasty a success, no matter how hideous. And they’re always hideous.

    • My friend asked me if I was making cupcakes for the reception, hell no I said, she pointed out I make them for every big party which is why I told her I dont want to do them, I make OK cupcakes but even walmart makes better cake than I am NO STRESS… I intend to be done with everyone one week before our Handfasting on april 30th or it just plain is not being included.

    • This, totally. I’m a good cook; I once made cornbread that a gen-u-ine Texan said was the best he’d ever tasted. But do not ask me for pretty! My sister Erin can do delicious *and* pretty (she and my brother’s wife made my other sister’s wedding cake, which was amazing); I can’t. Any DIY at my hypothetical future wedding won’t be mine, though I’ll gladly assist if someone wants to DIY for me.

  13. Oh Ang, I love you.

    This just makes me think of DIY frequently goes wrong, and most definitely when it comes to weddings. I anticipate some of my own.

  14. Oh my lulz. I laughed like a crazy person while reading that, but thankfully I was at home and only startled the cats.

    Favorite sentence:

    “Throw other innocent unused bottle away before it has the opportunity to insult you.”

    I kind of want you to write a book filled with little essays like this because I would buy it and laugh like a crazy person and scare my cats and I think I love you the end.

    • P.S. Drawing of sad, crying/burnt Ang in a puddle of chocolate while her brain-self stabs the cake pops? WIN.

    • YES! YES! Write the book, Ang! I like to read funny books while walking my dog, cracking up to the point of hysterical tears and flying snot in front of my neighbors who think I’m weird anyway.

  15. I think that with all the other cake pop fails (I don’t feel so alone!) I really need to work on my no fail cake pops.

  16. This was definately a great post, I often don’t start projects for fear of failure and thinking that I alone am inept at such challenges. I like knowing I’m not alone, and that such feats need practice.

  17. Thanks for this. We celebrated our one year anniversary a few months ago. The wedding was good fun and prep was generally light hearted fun. Still, my button bouquet was completely balls. An ocean of my slowly collected vintage buttons were there on very sharp wires looking every shade of pathetic. I cut myself a million times making it. It was not used in the wedding, because people would look at it and politely inquire “WHAT IS THAT?” sounding all concerned like. I recently snipped all the buttons off that hateful wire and moved on. It was a good thing.

  18. Ang, firstly, thank you so much for the laugh… needed it more than you’ll ever know – so great big hugs for that.
    Second, you made me cry…oh you poor sweet love…all that effort, and mess, *and* “war wounds”…All I wanted to do was put some Aloe Vera on your burn, make you a nice hot cup of tea and sit you in a comfy chair while I cleaned up the mess.

    Now, tell us, has the tic stopped? ^_^

    • Thank you sweety! I recovered eventually and while a very strange part of me was hoping for a little scar to add to my collection of stupid scar stories, I healed rather nicely.

      As for the tic, it shows up every once in awhile when I’m especially stressed. It’s like a visual signal of “Ang is about to breath fire out of her nose, remove yourself from the area for your own safety.”

      • We *all* hope for battle scars like that! I don’t know how many times I’ve sliced into myself with a razor-sharp paring knife and thinking “Bugger! That won’t scar at all!” It’s the rebel/freak/strange/outsider in us… that, and they do make for *great* stories!

        Oh, you can breath fire too?? I thought that was only me! But, my warning to everyone is the evil red hair…^_^


    Sorry, it was funny. I am laughing with you, not at you!

    I hope they tasted good, at least!

    BTW, why was that liquid leaking out? Too much liquid. I found while making truffles that different liqueurs required different amounts and mixing times to properly mix into chocolate. So the Chambord, Grand Marnier and whiskey truffles were all spectacular, but the batter for the Courvoisier truffles had this weird melty oily goo on top. Too high butter/milkfat: Courvoisier ratio. The liqueur just couldn’t be added in that amount, mixed at that temperature etc.. We soldiered on, scraped off most of the goo and made truffles anyway.

    They tasted fantastic, they were just a little less structurally sound than the others.

    (This was for our engagement party so it’s not so bad).

    • Apparently, the liquid was the candy melts separating. If you reheat, cool, reheat, cool, like I was doing, the oils in the chocolate lose their bond and rise to the surface. (I’m sure there’s a real scientific explanation but that’s the conclusion I came to after extended Google time). It’s why pastry chefs are so amazing, what with their chocolate tempering skills. Yet I screw up microwavable chocolate. πŸ˜›

      PS. It’s OK to laugh at me. I do all the time!

  20. Non-food fail: I tried to make my own decorative lanterns – the square kind that stand up on a table, not the hangy kind (though I suppose you could hang them).

    I made one, thought it looked fine, though not as elegant as I’d hoped. Showed it to my now-husband. “I didn’t know we were going for a ‘rustic’ aesthetic…?”

    Thanks honey.

    I posted it on OBT and someone said “Your FH is being really nice!”

    Thanks guys. πŸ™‚

    (I appreciated the honesty. It looked like a pre-school project.)

  21. hey nice to see I’m not the only one driven to a nervous break-down by those damn bottles.

  22. I’ve tried the cake balls/pops several times. My first try was with red velvet cake, cream cheese icing and milk chocolate almond bark. The second try I used white candy melts. I had FAR more success with the almond bark. You cannot make the pretty colors but they taste amazing, especially after refrigerating them.

  23. “or your felt bouquet resembles the home ec project of a well intentioned color blind ungulate”

    This seriously made my day.

  24. IF you try these again..and I realize that’s an if.. I think if you use a moist cake mix you don’t need HALF the frosting Bakerella suggests.. refrigerating ’em for about 2 hours before shaping helps, and melon ballers help to shape..I don’t ball melons, just got one for this! Covering them, well, still working on that part, but me I LOVED the pollock-like splatter, and thought your end result looked delish, like fancy reeses!

    • Full Disclosure: I have never attempted Cake Balls and at best can only consider myself an amateur at candymaking. I have, however, dealt with those damn candy melts before. I’ve found that it is waaaay easier to control the tempering of your chocolate (candy melts or otherwise) in a double boiler (best) or fondue pot (better) rather than the microwave (tempermental piece of crap.) Chocolate is very fickle and overheats and burns very easily, and microwaves don’t often heat evenly. If you don’t have a double boiler, get a saucepan and a slightly smaller metal bowl (it should fit inside but be able to rest on the edge so that there’s space between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the pan) and fill with enough water to go just below the bottom of the pan. Toss your chocolate in the bowl and bring the water to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. If the chocolate gets gritty-looking or if it smells like burning sugar, it’s too hot and/or burning! Sounds complicated but it’s honestly much easier to control than microwaving. Hope this helps!

  25. This is why, while I’m planning on making my own wedding cakes, I’m doing them in normal-sized cake pans and there will be NO FROSTING involved. Except maybe for the yellow cake. And then it will just be slapped on to look “old-fashioned.” And screw fondant. Just screw it. It tastes gross anyway.

    Long live plain cake! πŸ™‚

  26. I literally laughed out loud and managed to spit my coffee all over the place. Great post. I am glad to know your wounds healed!

    Like so many have said, I have great DIY ideas, but my implementation would not go so well. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there!

  27. I had the same problem when i did my cake pops. broke my heart really. i wanted to cry. instead the FH ate them up one by one, proclaimed how delicious they were, kissed me on the forehead and told me we’d find an other way to insert our geekness into the wedding (the cakepops were suppose to look like lil kirbys from the video game).

    i understand your frustration. they aren’t as easy to make as Bakerella makes them out to be.

    and you’re right. in the end YOU’RE STILL AWESOME and so is your wedding!

    Good luck if you do decide to ever try them again. I know i haven’t grown the balls to dare to venture back into that land.

  28. I’m really glad I read this, because I was thinking of cake pops (with cutesy polka-dot ribbons tied on the sticks! how adorable, right? and how hard can it be!?) as bridal shower favors…it was between that, and DIY Bride’s “cupcake in a jar”.

    Thank you Ang & fellow commenters, for pushing me towards cupcake in a jar, which I hope will be less stressful than all of this.

    • I’ve done cupcake in a jar (And brownie in a jar), and cookies in a jar, and layer-a-ton-of-baked goods-and-frosting-then-throw-M&Ms-on-top in a jar) and those went awesome.

      For those who are wondering the “In a jar” baked goods are pretty simple. You make cake, cookies, whatever, in a sheet pan, then cut out circles, and put them in a jar. You layer them with whatever you want, so fruit, frosting, whipped cream, candy, other baked stuff. No special recipe required.

      My suggestions are:

      Make sure everything cools completely before you start cutting and layering.

      Have an assembly line mentality. Cut all your circles, prepare all your fillings, then go down the row. Put your bottom layers in all your jars, then do a layer of frosting in all your jars, then a layer of fruit or candy, etc. It saves you a TON of time instead of going back and forth.

      Cut your circles a little smaller than you think you need them. Makes them easier to get in the jar, and really helps the flavors mingle down the sides.

      Freezer bags with the corner cut off, are great for squirting frosting. (Thank you Alton Brown. I love you!)

      Find a good hiding spot. I made like twenty and only got to eat one, because they’re delicious!

  29. Absolutely hilarious! I had many DIY-wedding fails, too, so this is a welcome opportunity to laugh at myself!

  30. OMG what a trooper you are!
    As a pastry chef I might have warned against the “ease” of such a project. Those “simple” treats are usually the most painstaking to make. You have the patience of a saint, as I would have been carted away for certain.
    Initially my wedding was to be 90% DIY but Ive opted against it for these exact reasons. Projects and patience go hand in hand, therefore…not for me!
    I give you a whole lot of credit, and as a writer, double that credit as your story could not have been told was hilarious!

  31. A little background information on myself; I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts and work at a very popular craft store. I have a very very crafty set of friends and family. That said, there is a LOT in my DIY wedding that will not be DIY. I’m not cutting a single piece or paper; I’m having a machine do all that for me. The stationary? While my fiance and I are drawing it, the entire printing and assembly part will be done at a printing shop, because we actually want to live to see our wedding. You could not pay me my dream honeymoon to touch the food. Nope. Not happening.
    There is a time and a place for DIY. The only thing I can say about my BFA and job is that it has let me know before hand what my strengths and weaknesses are. Hopefully that will mean less crying in the middle of a mess.

  32. LOL that made me laugh so hard -it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen online in a long time! Especially since I have admired the Bakerella site for a while now. I will NOT be trying them after reading this! Baking is supposed to be fun!

  33. HAHAHA!

    This article had me laughing out loud, especially this part: “your 1,000 origami cranes look like a pile of sweaty colorful spit wads”


  34. I have not laughed so hard in ages!!! I’ve posted a link to this on a wedding forum I am a member of, of brides & grooms to be who are mostly on tight budgets, so a heck of a lot of DIY-ers! Spreading the love and giggles…

  35. I am a classic pastry chef before deciding to make tiaras…..and i can tell you about 25 reason why these thing did not work….you poor thing.

  36. I love to bake but cake pops just look difficult.
    Anyone else find making tissue poms majorly frustrating? The instructions are so simple, they look easy enough for even a child to make yet in every attempt so far the paper rips and the poms just look generally sad, damn you Martha!

  37. i made them for the first time this week too mine ALL look like they shat themselves!! everyone has a little bit of cake popped out the bottom! oh well i took them to a party today and they were a hit!!

  38. After reading this, I am SO glad my groom talked me out of the 300 chocolate menus I was planning to DIY the week before my wedding.

  39. The story, the answers… everything made me laugh sooooo much! Thank you all! I’m a pretty decent crafter and sometimes I think I SUCK! It’s good to share and laugh about ourselves… it puts things in perspective!

    I also thought cake pops would look so amazing… nonononono! I’ll practice my cupcake frosting skills instead. Less work and less frustrations…

  40. AH! This is gonna give me nightmares, I’m making ALL the desserts for our wedding….should be FUN! Good thing they’re all things I have made a million and one times, and hopefully will be able to tackle when I’m up to my eyeballs in family and stress levels πŸ™‚

  41. Nothing about that looks like a fail. Those look super delicious!! But I did laugh, a lot and memories of horrible cake ball experiences of my own swirled in my mind and I was glad I wasn’t the only one unable to create a lovely looking ball of cake!

  42. Since I make these lil bastards for a living, I decided it was not fair for me to be laughing hysterically. I managed to bring it down to a respectable giggle.
    Cake Pops are hard, Cake Balls even more so. I could tell you the secret, but I would have to kill you. Then who would entertain us ?

  43. I just had a somewhat similar experience with what my fiance refers to as “the tiny stupid damn cake thingies.”

    It took 2 tries, but I got it…and cake ball goo crusted in my hair, my daughter’s hair, the dog, the ceiling, part of the oven (how, I don’t know, since none of the steps require the oven) and there’s cake spatter across most of the cabinets.

    I feel your pain. Yet also, laughed hysterically πŸ™‚

  44. Thank you so much for the laugh, i will forward your story to my friends who have tried cake pops πŸ™‚

  45. this is the best thing i might have ever hoped to read about weddings! kitten farts and all.

  46. LMAO!! I laughed so hard I almost cried!

    I’ve had many a failed project so I can relate to this soooo well… thank you for posting and yes YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  47. I made some awesome egg shaped cake pops for easter last year,first time. I think you might just want to chalk this up to a bad experience or preparation. Don’t get me wrong,i’ve made some that were not so pretty but I used the bakerella recipe and it didn’t involve cupcake trays, squeeze bottle or half of the drama in this post. next time try adding the icing slowly, I did end up using less than required in order to get a firm,moldable batch.

  48. This is why I always practice DIY stuffs first before the day, like if I am doing a cake or something. I too have been 1 hour from leaving for a party not dressed/showered and trying to scrap burnt chocolate coating off a glass bowl.

  49. omg i think i peed myself! this is what it looks like every time i try to do ANYTHING creative, even on the computer! just i couldn’t describe it NEARLY that funny! i feel so much better now knowing everything i do DIY is probably gonna end in puddles and crying the first time… and that’s okay!

  50. I had a bright idea.. they won’t be totally perfect but try using something like
    I use them for cookies and it makes things a million times easier. They are all uniform, and can be made round with minimal “hand”ling to cut out the body heat ruining. I haven’t tried it to know if it would work in this situation, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  51. oh, Ang! thank you so much for such a good laugh! (i am so glad that i’d never even heard of cake balls before this!) now i need to rethink my dream of making 1000 origami cranes…

  52. Unfortunately allmost all the pics are gone πŸ™ but the story was absolutely hilarious and heartbreaking. I hope that if you’ve tried them again you’ve had better luck.
    Kinda reminds me of the first cake I tried makeing ( I was 12 or 14) it was a microwave cake (I would suggest NEVER EVER EVER trying one of those) and the frsoting doiii we beat it for hours litterally and had to have poured bags upon bags of powdered sugar into it and it still wouldnt get thicker than a thin iceing like you might use on sugar cookies. I put it on anyways (it was for my moms birthday as a surprise). When it came time for the cake, the ‘frosting’ had sunk into the cake, and the cake aii yii yii, it litterally tasted like dirt. My dog, who ate everyyything, took one sniff and RAN away from it lol needless to say I didnt try those recepies again (though my next cake came out perfect πŸ˜€ pretty white three layer one… was great right up till i decided to decorate with those lil silver ball shaped sprinkles *cant remember the name of em* )

    • We’re seeing all pics loading just fine! What browser are you using?

  53. could not stop laughing nor having flashbacks of my own DIY hell making cake “pops”

    said “pops” having no intention of staying in one piece or on the sticks.

    planning round 2 next April for my own wedding

  54. I still love this post – why? because Sister, I have BEEN THERE but I could not express it in a way that not only conveys the ultimate frustration but does so with grace and humor
    thank you!

  55. This post had me laughing so hard. I have nixed any DIY food projects due to the major epic tantrums from my attempt to make a perfect red velvet wedding cake. All of which left a bloody splotch on my kitchen wall. I feel your pain!

  56. The words ‘cake balls’ aren’t even said around my house after my partner, a few friends and I DIY’d about 90 for my sister’s baby shower at my mother’s urging. She bought all the supplies, sent us the tutorial and left it to us. It pretty much went exactly how you described. I actually freaked out several times because people kept eating the cake blobs while making them, even though we clearly weren’t going to have enough. Actually, it definitely led my friends to be put in some awkward moments where partner and I handled the various calamities in very different ways…. one with humour and the other with angry-ness. From my comment above, it’s probably clear who handled the situation which way. Thankfully, we can all laugh about it now and it’s kind of become a running joke when we ask one another for favours….

  57. I needed this my diys are overwhelming me. 100+ Harry Potter wands didn’t seem like a lot but now 8 weeks from the wedding and only half done..makes me wanna scream. I have the invitations to finish this week so I can send them out. All the corsages and boutonnieres to do and all table decorations. I wish I had started earlier.

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