Be the groom’s super team: A groomsguy/groomsgirl primer

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If there's a groom in your party (or your same-sex wedding party is splitting responsibilities), you might be looking to see what traditional groomsmen duties get handled by the groom's crew. But in this age of weddings, your mixed-gender wedding party might be handling things a lot differently.

Here's a look at what traditionally gets covered by the groomsmen, so you can expand/change/follow the old rules as you see fit.

Groomsdudes and groomsgirls usually do the following:

*Supports and advises the groom
*Wears an outfit chosen or inspired by the groom, theme, or rest of the wedding party
*Assist in choosing the outfits, if you're going to match at all
*Get fitted for the outfit, and picks up and return the suits, if applicable
*Goes to all pre-wedding events and parties and helps set up/clean up, if needed
*Helps to plan and pay for the bachelor party (or other pre-wedding parties)
*Helps decorate the getaway car or honeymoon suite, if that's in the plan
*Gives a wedding present to the couple
*Chill with and helps the groom get ready before the wedding
*Be available for emergencies, picks up forgotten items, and other last-minute tasks before the wedding
*Shows guests to their seats at the ceremony if there aren't ushers for that job
*Dances with bridesmaids or other wedding party members at the reception
*Helps carry away gifts after the reception

That's how it's been typically been done in Western weddings, but this is YOUR wedding. Take this as a general guideline and switch it up to meet your needs.

What did we miss? What other tasks are you having your groomsfolks handle?

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