The Offbeat Bride: Sophie, Theatre Dresser/Seamstress

Her offbeat partner: James, Software Engineer

Date and location of wedding: Glen-Yr-Afon House Hotel, Usk, South Wales, UK — July 5, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We definitely didn't want real flowers and didn't like the idea of a first dance. We're not good dancers and the idea of everyone watching us as we awkwardly swayed in the middle of the dance floor sounded like hell. So we chose the Mr. and Mrs. Game as the opener to the evening festivities. It made everyone laugh and we didn't answer too differently.






The table names were another personalised part of our wedding. We chose table names based on our favourite video games from our childhoods and adult lives. Tekken, Mario, Portal, and Day of the Tentacle to name a few. The placecards were personalised to each table as well.



The invitations again were very personalised. The designer used our love of Star Wars and our three kitty cats as inspiration to create the design which we then replicated on the order of ceremony. The cake maker also then took the design and recreated two of the cats as cake toppers.






Tell us about the ceremony:
Our mothers read a small selection of Lang Leav poetry which I thought summed up James and I perfectly:

You have said all the things I need to hear before I knew I needed to hear them.
To be unafraid of all the things I used to fear, before I knew I shouldn't fear them.
You were you, and I was I;
we were two, before our time.
I was yours, before I knew;
and you have always been mine too.
When words run dry, he does not try,
nor do I. We are on par.
He just is, I just am and
we just are.






Our biggest challenge:
The biggest challenge was the creation of five bouquets, 11 floral wreath centrepieces, two wrist corsages, and 50 metres of bunting. The bunting was made the week of the wedding and finished off in a production line fashion in my mum's kitchen the day before the wedding! Without my mum co-ordinating and organising us, we would never have gotten it all done.




My favorite moment:
I asked James this question and his reply was, “the moment where we got married.” It was the moment where we finally became husband and wife. The whole point of the day and his favourite moment.

The most meaningful moment for me was seeing all my family and friends sat in front of me during the speeches, laughing, crying, and cheering along with my dad, James, the best man, and my mother-in-law as they expressed how happy they were that this day was here. They said how we were all one big family now and how proud James' father would have been on his wedding day if he had been there.


My funniest moment:
The best man's speech. Hands down. He has known both James and myself since childhood. He's known us separately and together. He was the person who introduced us, and he knows us so well.



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  1. Welsh brides represent!
    Such a beautiful wedding; the whole thing positively radiates warmth and love. You both look so happy. Llongyfarchiadau!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Love both your dresses and all the flowers you made! Gorgeous!

  3. This wedding just made me smile, so fun to see something so unique and personal. This wedding definitely would not work for everything but it’s so fun that it was perfect for the couple. Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a fellow Star Wars geek, I love the fabulous Han and Leia cats. The pastel colours in the bouquet and bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous. The photo of the bride and groom holding the wedding photos of (presumably) their parents is beautiful.

    In fact, this whole wedding looks lovely 🙂

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