Shy couples rejoice: voiceover vows are a thing and they will save you

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Shy or introverted couples and those with social anxiety: if you're not cool with reading your vows in front of a big group of guests, this idea is killer. Hazi decided to record the vows ahead of time and overlay it onto some sweet video to share with guests!

Voiceover vows can be a great way to share your love with the ones you love while keeping your anxiety at bay. You could even head out of earshot while the video was running if you're really not down for seeing it all go down.

Let's hear from Hazi about the background:

We wrote our own wedding vows, but due to social anxiety we decided to do them in a different way. Instead of reading them during the ceremony in front of everybody, we recorded our own voice-over track and a week before the wedding, our photographers took us out to record an extra video. They then they made it into our very own personalized “wedding vows” video that we can share with everyone.

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  1. This video was so beautiful! My fiancé is very shy and I am very intimate when it comes to expressing my feelings. So we are doing a small ceremony and this might be the perfect little treat for the celebration gathering folks who feel left out! Thank you.

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