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Sensory-friendly wedding: how one bride avoided overload

Maybe our can give comfort to the weirdo who feels they fit too many ‘offbeat’ tags; the immigrant who loves a culture that doesn’t always respect them; the ill who can’t handle the sensory toll; the traumatized who struggles to believe that they are loved; the abused who can’t bring themselves to cut a toxic cord…

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Our wedding quiet room: making our wedding accessible for our neurodivergent & disabled beloveds

Planning a wedding around issues like social anxieties, ASD, and disabilities can create unique challenges. Here’s how one bride worked with her partner to create an accessible wedding that felt safe and fun for both of them all their guests…

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Why doesn’t anyone talk about how AWKWARD weddings feel?

I think everyone needs to talk more about the real feeling of a wedding ceremony. Hello, people: HUSHED SILENCE AND STANDING IN FRONT OF A CROWD OF PEOPLE IS AWKWARD.

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CHILL AF: Holistic ways to reduce stress before your wedding

Weddings are bonkers! I used a few techniques to help me to feel present, together, and to enjoy the journey… while still being able to listen to the myriad of unsolicited advice without losing my shit.

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For our mental health, we had two weddings

As an introvert, I envisioned a private and intimate wedding. My fiance, being the extrovert and community-minded person he is, wanted a big party. Our version of a compromise was simply to do both: We got married twice.

Try and stop the tears from flowing at this sweet and emotional backyard wedding in Tennessee

7 questions to ask to make your wedding more accessible for your disabled guests

I’ve attended events where I had trouble accessing information, or was entirely excluded, because of my blindness, auditory processing disorder, or food intolerances. I want to ensure our friends and family are included and accommodated at our wedding in the ways that work for them. How do we make it accessible for everyone?