Why doesn’t anyone talk about how AWKWARD weddings feel?

Guest post by Laura
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I think everyone needs to talk more about the real feeling of a wedding ceremony. Hello, people: HUSHED SILENCE AND STANDING IN FRONT OF A CROWD OF PEOPLE IS AWKWARD.

I have not been to a single wedding that I didn't think, “oh gosh, this is so awkward.”

Nobody knows what to say, few people know what to do. There's a lot of standing around and stammering. There are a lot of people who are like, “I'm going to hug you now because you are bride/groom/father of bride/mother of bride/ etc.”

I went to a wedding once where the environmental noise was so loud (umm, we were in a cave with a waterfall!) that you couldn't carry on a conversation. We laughed later, but during the wedding and reception it was just painfully loud, and – you guessed it – awkward!

Even at non-cave weddings where things might be more traditional, the list of awkward wedding moments goes on:

  • Standing up at the altar while a bunch of people sit and stare at you? Awkward!
  • Waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception is awkward
  • Sitting at tables with people you don't know? it's awkward
  • Why do so many people drink at receptions? Hellllllllo awkward!
  • Wandering around your own reception not being sure who to talk to? AWKWARD!

You wanna know the crazy thing though? People don't remember the awkward.

They remember that they attended the wedding of someone they loved.

They remember that they witnessed the vows.

They remember the sweet things that were said.

They remember the kiss.

So you know what I say? EMBRACE THE AWKWARD!

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