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Y'all know how we feel about supposedly-funny wedding signs for kids to carry. That's why I'm loving Offbeat Bride reader Kathleen's actually funny and actually truthful signs.

What? That kid's just saying what we're all thinking. Now where's my cake?

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Comments on Give the kids in your wedding truthful signs

  1. “That kid’s just saying what we’re all thinking. Now where’s my cake?”

    I realize this was just facetiousness and I’m not trying to call you out, but as a celebrant who crafts each ceremony individually, this makes me a bit glum :\ I hate the line of thinking that people only show up at a wedding to get drunk and eat cake, like the ceremony that a lot of sweat and tears (no blood…yet) went into is just this giant chore that you can snooze through. It’s like if a group of people went to a birthday party and decided to watch TV instead of sing “Happy Birthday” but still felt entitled to cake.

    I don’t mind it so much that a little kid wouldn’t want to sit through a ceremony (little kids having skewed senses of time and a more limited understanding of the proceedings and all), but were I a bride and I had an adult guest who not only cared more about the party after the wedding than the part where I swear lifelong devotion to my beloved, but was actively *bored* by the part where I swear lifelong devotion to my beloved, I would be extremely hurt.

    TL;DR I love what I do and woe betide anyone who yawns their way through one of my ceremonies.

    • I hope it isn’t that way to everyone either, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s definitely that way for a 6 year old. 😉

  2. These are AWESOME! Especially when you consider how long and snooze-worthy some ceremonies undoubtedly are for kids! We will have a 3yro and a 5yro in our bridal party and I think ‘hurry up I want to twirl’ and ‘where’s the cake?’ Would fit well. A lot of adults I know would resonate with the thought too – yes people care about their special day and spend a lot of time building their ceremony but it can be boring for guests, it’s just natural, our attention spans are stretched to watch anything 29minutes or longer.

    • This is WAY after the fact so I don’t know if you’ll see this, but it said “Hey, Uncle Tommy, here comes your bride!”

  3. Problem is, Rev. Caitlin, this IS what most people to most weddings are thinking. It’s only about the vows to the two people at the front. For everyone else, it’s a great big giant party to celebrate with loads of people you rarely get to do so with.

    • This comment truly makes me sad, because I know that for me, when I have friends that tie the knot, I am genuinely crying my eyes out for how happy they are right then, regardless of if there even IS a party. I would hope that those friends would do the same, in any case…

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