The Offbeat Bride: Chelsea, Asst. Manager @ Hot Topic

Her Offbeat Partner: Keith, Sound Technician

Location & date of wedding: Maybery Gelvin Botanical Gardens, Mahomet, IL — 6/6/09

What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was offbeat from the start, because planning was laid back. We got things done on our own time, and planned to do it all on our own. Our budget was small, about $5000 but we made it work! We had a local band play and everyone danced their tooshies off!


A friend DJ'd for us, my aunt made 300 cupcakes(!!), a family friend made the cake, we designed our invites and printed them locally, made our own caketoppers, had my uncle and bridesmaid photograph the wedding, and generally did what we could to keep things personal!



Our wedsite included info on how we “encourage” friends and family to dress and gave them a glimpse that this would not be an average wedding! We ended up having skulls, big hats, tats, ring pops, and too much fun! Keith and the crew walked down the bridge (hehe) to Booker T & the MG's, I walked to No Doubt's “Stricken”. We wrote our own vows, and our preacher talked about fairytales and using imagination.

The reception included a live band (which apparently is becoming more offbeat every day…) that got everyone dancing! Bettie Page and Bela Legosi joined the fun, as we had stand-ups for people to take pictures with.

All in all, we had so much fun doing a somewhat traditional, but mostly personal wedding that we'll always remember and feel we made our own!



Our biggest challenge: We were lucky to not have too many challenges. In general, we just needed to convince family that although this was going to be a little funky, a little rock ‘n roll, that it would be tasteful and fun. Having the wedsite helped get people used to the fact that there would be pleanty of tattoos and facial piercings — something not everyone would be easy to adjust to.

Eventually, I learned that keeping parents filled in definately eased their minds that they would not be embarrassed by how we chose to represent ourselves, and that they would have tons of fun! There were still those times that we needed to emphasize that this was our wedding, and we would not bend to what others wanted for us. Holding strong, but being respectful will help in those times.

My favorite moment: As is true to my nature, I have to choose two moments. Er.. three!




Okay, the first would be our first kiss as a married couple. It was perfect, and when I look at pictures my heart just flutters.

Then, the fake-out drive away in the vintage car was great. After the ceremony, we hopped in the car and drove around the park for about 10mins before returning to take pictures. Our driver (and friend) was playing classy 1940's music and we just loved having the moment to relax and regroup with each other.

Finally, our first dance. He planned for our good friends Jeremy and Kati (newlyweds themselves) to perform “At Last”. I knew what song we chose, but had no idea it would be a live (and emotional) performance! They walked on stage and I was clueless.. They started singing and I completely broke down. Crying my face off may not have been my cutest moment, but it was so meaningful it has to be one of my favorites.


My advice to other offbeat brides: Start planning as soon as possible so your crazy ideas will start to stick in family members's minds! If they have time to adjust, with no cruel surprises, they will have a total blast and respect your choice to be yourself!

Also, be open-minded to other people's input and help. As much as you want this to be your own concoction of ideas, even the most non-traditional may have some awesome advice! Accepting people's help will save you time, money, and stress as well. This wedding will still be reflective of you if someone else stamps the envelopes… etc.

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:

  • Surprisingly, I got my vintage-looking dress at David's Bridal. They wouldn't let me shorten it an extra couple inches, so I had to get it altered somewhere else though.
  • The shoes I found on Amazon, they're by Naughty Monkey (and were fabulous!!)
  • Keith's shoes were T.U.K. Creepers that I gave him for Valentine's Day!
  • My hair flower (which I love and have many other colors of) was made by Zombie Girl Hair Accessories. She's awesome, and reasonably priced!!

Enough talk — show me the wedding inspo!:

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Comments on Chelsea & Keith’s Rockabilly/Psychobilly Wedding

  1. Where did you find that car?!?!! My Fiance and I are getting married in Bloomington and are having a vintage wedding!

  2. a good friend of ours, Terry @ Skins and Tins Drumshop owns it. I can give you contact info or you can look him up if you'd like. He is also in the band The Delta Kings if that helps 🙂 I doubt Bloomington is too far outta his reach 🙂

  3. oh wow i love it all, awsome car i was looking for something like that but there are very few in the uk and wanted £1000 for just one and i needed 2 or 3, gutted!

  4. You guys did such a great job! What a fantastic wedding for your budget! Everyone looks great, the 'free' photos are phenomenal, your cake looks wonderful, AND everyone looks like they were having a GREAT time! Well Done!!!! And You two are adorable!!!!

  5. Once again, I love your wedding! It really came together in an incredibly awesome way! 🙂

  6. Munnies!! SO CUTE!! My fiance is my nature boy so we've been trying to compromise on the "look" of the wedding, but I am all about the 40's/50's vibe, and your wedding looks amazing! Congrats and you're just gorgeous!

  7. awwww i didnt even know keifers was getting married. he found himself a gorgeous lady! your whole wedding looks so clean and crisp, CONGRATS! (did alex create that hair?)

  8. What a beautiful venue! I’d never even heard of this place before! And I really like your advice, about making sure that everyone knows every offbeat detail ASAP. Many people just need time to adjust to things that are non-traditional, and really, anyone who loves and truly supports you will come around. I think. 🙂

  9. That’s my dress too!!! And DB told me the same thing about the alterations, AFTER I bought it!

    It looks gorgeous on you!

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