Rivendell Bridal’s elvish dresses

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If your tastes run toward the elvish, fairy, medieval, celtic or renaissance styles, you pretty much can't do better than Rivendell Bridal. The gowns ain't cheap, but the inspiration is free!
Rivendell Bridal

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  1. I love Rivendell Bridal! Almost all my inspiration pix from when I first started planning are from there. No way I could afford it though. xo

  2. I have been drooling over these dresses since high school! i’m so glad they’ve finally shown up on here! If only i had infinite funds!!!

  3. I'm actually looking at buying the Titania, crazy as I am, if I can somehow inform my FH of the price without immdiately murdering him by means of heart attack…

  4. My soon to be husband and I are having a Celtic Handfasting In May. We follow the old path of Paganism and I can’t wait to see how this turns out. The site has really given me some geat ideas.

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